That dungaree dress

I’ve never been good at resisting buying dungarees. They give that something extra to an otherwise normal jeans, or in this case skirt. You can easily pair it up or down with whatever you want and you don’t have to worry about that food baby showing because your stomach is covered. SUCH a winner! The…

Non-stop Noor: Explore, Dream, Discover

Bucket list

Ever since I first started thinking about having my own blog I knew I wanted to put my yearly resolutions in it. It was a way of working on my bucket list and trying to improve my life at the same time. Ever since I shared my yearly resolutions every once in a while, but…

Non-stop Noor

In my 2018 goals blog post I already mentioned I wanted to get my own domain. I’ve been thinking about it for over six months and I finally did it. The hardest part was changing my blog’s name, and I was doubting about that one until the moment I registered my domain name, but there’s…

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