My 2020 overview

I know I’m a bit late with my 2020 overview since it’s February but there are just some things I’m too excited about not to share. Even though 2020 was dominated by corona I try to look beyond that. I discovered some amazing restaurants, was able to go for brunches a few times and discovered…

Where’d you go? We bought a house!

Guess who’s back? 😀 It’s been a while but I’d say it was for good reason: the boyf and I bought a house. One more thing I can tick off my bucket list! And with it came some projects, which took time and energy. Time and energy I just couldn’t give to my blog anymore.…

March & April in pictures

March & April are usually super fun months because the weather is finally better than Winter’s. Not with this lockdown though. I still had a lot of fun though. 😀 And discovered one not that fun thing… 🙁

10 things you didn’t know about me

Today’s post will be a little more personal because I will tell you 10 things you didn’t know about me. Even if you might get a good view of me through my blog posts, I think there are still some things you don’t know about me, so let’s have a look at them!