My 2020 overview

I know I’m a bit late with my 2020 overview since it’s February but there are just some things I’m too excited about not to share. Even though 2020 was dominated by corona I try to look beyond that. I discovered some amazing restaurants, was able to go for brunches a few times and discovered…

March & April in pictures

March & April are usually super fun months because the weather is finally better than Winter’s. Not with this lockdown though. I still had a lot of fun though. 😀 And discovered one not that fun thing… 🙁

January & February in pictures

The past two months have again flown by somehow. How is it possible it’s March already?! So much has happened the past two months, some of which you will already have seen passing by on the blog. Testing out new food places Of course there was a lot of food involved the past two months.…

November & December in pictures

I can’t believe it’s 2020 already! The last two months of 2019 just flew by. It’s funny to see that the regulars were there again (brunches and sushi, that is), but I did some other fun things as well. 😀

Disneyland Paris

August & September in pictures

Summer really has ended, with the rain, the cold and the heating turned on the last few days. I realllly try to postpone turning the heating on as long as possible because I want to keep hold of summer as long as possible. Another way is to look back at what I’ve done the last…

My Months in Pictures – June & July

I can’t believe it’s August already! Time really flies when you’re having fun! 😀 What I love most about summer is that you meet up with friends more easily. The past two months I’ve met up with most of my good friends, and I saw a big part of my big family.


My month in pictures – April & May

I can’t believe it’s June already! April just flew by and May started to busy I only get to my ‘month in pictures’ now. It’s safe to say good food was involved, next to some regulars and some firsts. 😀