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Living and working in Ghent, the city where I once studied as well. It’s the base of this blog, as most pictures haven been taken there. My lunch breaks I usually spend strolling through the city center, and also during week-ends you can regularly find me doing so.


Blogging since 2013 about all things fashion, travels and life. I started out on Clothes & Dreams, but since I felt that name was unpersonal and no longer what I was blogging about, I decided to change the name. Besides that, everything stayed quite the same. I’m still blogging about clothes, still have my yearly dreams (my New Year’s resolutions) and write about all the other things that interest me.

I chose “Non-Stop Noor” because that’s simply who I am: I’m always myself and I won’t ever be someone I’m not. I won’t stop wearing something I love because it is no longer fashionable nor will I wear (or blog about) something that I don’t like just because it’s fashionable. Read more about my other reasons here.


If you have any questions, ideas or would you like to join forces for an awesome project? Mail me at

xo Noor