What gives you energy? A question that always comes back on my appraisal talks but that actually should not be limited to that moment. I’ve been thinking a lot about it, especially when my energy was low around New Year. But also the past week when I all of a sudden had a whole lot more energy than before. I happily lost that energy while shooting between the fruit blossoms.

Bloesemroute Dentergem - Fruit blossom route

I’ve realised meeting people really gives me energy. At the moment it doesn’t even matter who it is, friends or colleagues. I just need to see people in real life. Corona measures and the winter weather had made that harder for me. Winter always makes me feel lower, but last year and this year it was worse than before Corona. But the past weekend friends visited and I definitely made up for it. We had brunch in the sun, talked a lot and took a walk to show them the neighbourhood. They left 7 hours later and ever since I’ve felt so reinvigorated. Which clearly showed on these pictures we took on Monday evening.

Fruit blossom route on my side of Belgium

On Instagram I saw a lot of people with fruit blossoms and driving hours to get there. In Belgium Limburg is quite known for their fruit blossoms and now even more because of corona. Everybody seems to rediscover their own country. When I saw my municipality organised a fruit blossom walk I was super happy. I mean walking between the fruit blossoms without driving to the other side of Belgium for it.

Even before they opened it up I had known about the route, but I hadn’t been able to get there yet. I might not have had enough time because I met up with friends every weekend since it opened. Meeting with friends had given me so much energy, energy I got rid off while taking the pictures. There was a lot of twirling, dancing and belly dancing involved in the making of these pictures. It definitely felt like a little daytime party.

What gives you energy?

xo Noor

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