In 2020 corona was an excuse for a lot of things. The lack of bruches, the gratitude journal I didn’t keep up, even the amount of banana bread I’ve baked. One thing I’m not happy with however had nothing to do with corona: not reaching my book challenge. However, I did read some really good books in 2020, and I’d like to share my favorite books with you.

My favorite books of 2020

How I reached only 25 out of 30 books

When we moved to our house we had only a table, a sofa and a TV in our living room. Besides that the room would get dusty or dirty every two weeks or so. All of my books were stocked in banana boxes in the garage and I wouldn’t take them out because they would get dirty in no time. And so I I spent 5 months without reading much. It was so easy to get used to it, but as soon as we had a decent living room I spent the last two months of 2020 reading as much as I could.

My favorite books of 2020 - Dear Edward - Ann Napolitano

Dear Edward – Ann Napolitano

This one I’ve read at the beginning of the year but I would love to read it again already. Edward is damaged as well, but differently. He’s the only one surviving a plane crash that also killed his parents and brother, and discovers relatives of the other people on the plane sent him letters. From there a heartwarming story starts.

Behind her eyes – Sarah Pinborough

I’m still not over that ending.
Seriously, there’s a reason they promoted it with the hashtag #WTFthatending. To be honest I still don’t know if I love the book more because of it or not. It was daring to end this way and in hindsight predicatble as well, but still…

My favorite books of 2020 - Het wordt spectaculair. Beloofd. - Zita Theunynck

Het wordt spectaculair. Beloofd. – Zita Theunynck

(Dutch – the only one, I promise)
This one had been on my to read list since 2018, but somehow I saw it passing by from friends on my goodreads more and more so I also tried it on.
I loved it.
Super touching, will give you a good cry and after it you might need some time processing it. But so worth it.

Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine – Gail Honeyman

I loved Eleanor! She was quirky, damaged, but so funny at the same time. To me it felt like a hopeful and heartwarming blanket of ‘yes, she’s going to be fine’.

My favorite books of 2020 - Recursion - Blake Crouch

Recursion – Blake Crouch

When I was halfway through this book I thought everything was solved. Turned out it wasn’t. A quarter of a book later it seemed again as if everything was solved. Again it wasn’t. So many turns this book took but it never became tiresome. Afterwards I read that the movie rights to the book were already bought and I can definitely see why. Definitely one of my favorite books now.

Everything is lies – Helen Callaghan

I had no idea where the book was going to until very long into it. I have no idea if that was just me or not but it’s one of the reasons I liked this book. A good thriller that will keep you in the dark until the end.

Getting ready to discover some new favorite books

This year’s reading challenge is set on 26, so one every two weeks. For now I’m a bit behind with only 2 finished books but I know I’ll get there. 🙂

Which favorite books have you discovered lately?

xo Noor

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