Guess who’s back? 😀 It’s been a while but I’d say it was for good reason: the boyf and I bought a house. One more thing I can tick off my bucket list! And with it came some projects, which took time and energy. Time and energy I just couldn’t give to my blog anymore. Let me just show you why it was worth it.

Non-stop Noor: We bought a house! Living room decorated with new wallpaper and furniture

It’s been a little over a year since we first visited the house: 6 December. It then took us 2 stressful months to come to an agreement with the buyers and three more months to finally being able to get the keys. In between Corona hit and the whole moving part was overshadowed by it. We didn’t want to ask too much help from our family, which made things of course not easier for us.

House projects from the start

We soon started with some necessary projects because of mold on some patches in the living room area. This meant removing the plinths and mortar behind them, removing the old wallpaper, cutting out the plaster & fixing it, applying new mortar, sand the doors & windows, finding someone who could help us with electricity, … And while we were at it, we did the same for our future bedroom. It took us 5 months to get everything fixed and have our new wallpaper on the living room walls. The future bedroom should be finished by end of December. 🙂

Non-stop Noor: We bought a house! House projects in the living room

This also meant 5 months of living in a living room with only a TV, a sofa and a desk. Five months of having so much to do in the weekends I didn’t have any energy left for blogging, reading, … We could save money by doing these things ourselves but of course everything took much longer because of it. We had no idea it would be like this when we bought a house!
But it was not all hardship!

Admiring daily sunsets from our house

We have a great view on the fields behind our garden, which makes for amazing sunsets. I mean, I was writing this blog post with this amazing view!

Non-stop Noor: We bought a house! Blogging with a sunset

Growing my own vegetables

My dad used to be a vegetable farmer, so I know where my love for gardening comes from. I’ve always wanted to grown my own vegetables so as soon as we moved I started. We started with a 1.5m x 1.5m lot to see how it went and oh my the things we had grown already! The beans, carrots and watermelons were very successful. Next year I’ll go completely wild! 😀

Non-stop Noor: Homegrown watermelon from our own garden
Non-stop Noor: Homegrown beans from our own garden
Non-stop Noor: Homegrown carrots from our own garden

Meeting up with friends and family

Of course Corona & working that much on the house made it hard to meet a lot with friends and family, but it definitely helped to live nearer to them. We would have dinners outside with our parents during the summer, went for a bike tour while passing an aunt & uncle’s place, went walking with friends that live nearby, …

Non-stop Noor: We bought a house! Walking with friends has been a welcome passtime since Corona

We still have some projects in our house, but luckily nothing like those first 5 months anymore. At least not the first year. 😉 So for now that won’t be the reason I don’t appear here anymore.

I have gathered some fun ideas for the blog in the meantime, so keep posted!

xo Noor

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