Why you should clean
your hair brush regularly

If the title of this blog post makes you frown, then just think about this: we’re told to wash our make-up brushes regularly, so why wouldn’t you wash your hair brushes as well? They get dirty as well, so you’d better clean your hair brush!

Oil and dirt of your hair will accumulate in your brush, and then you’ll redistribute it through your hair while brushing. This will leave your hair dirtier than before, and will make it greasy quicker. And that’s not what I want! It’s also the perfect place for bacteria to grow, which you don’t want in your hair. Every since realising this I’ve been cleaning my brush regularly. And I think you should do this as well!

How to clean your hair brush

First of all, you should remove all the hair in your brush at least once a week. No need to use any tools for this, just use your hands to get most of the hairs out. If you feel like it’s difficult to get those last tiny tangled hairs out you might want to use a toothbrush

Once a month (or once every two months for delicate brushes) you should wash your brush. I simply use the same shampoo as I use on my hair, because it’s basically the same dirt anyway. You could use baking soda as well, to get is extra clean.

Different types of hair brushes

Depending on your type of hair brush you should wash it differently.

  • Plastic brush
    You can just put the shampoo directly on it, or even let is soak in the shampoo & baking soda mixture if you want to. Tangle Teezers are already super useful to comb your hair, but cleaning them is super easy as well. 😉
  • Plastic brush with a squishy part
    This one you don’t want to get super wet or you might get mildew if it’s not well dried. You want to use a toothbrush with the shampoo or mixture on it to clean the bristles and the squishy part. Then use the toothbrush with clean water on it to clean it up. Dry the brush as good as you can with the bristles down.
  • Natural brushes
    These are much more delicate, so you don’t want them to get soaking wet as well.
    Apparently it’s even better to clean them with tea tree oil instead. Add some drops of the oil to (warm) water and gently clean the brisltes with a toothbrush. Make sure to keep it as dry as possible! Afterwards, just wipe the brush clean and let it dry with the bristles down as well.

Do you clean your hair brush regularly?

xo Noor

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