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drink enough water

Disclaimer: this blog post is sponsored by Waterdrop. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

I’ve always had issues with staying hydrated, I even used to get headaches on a regular basis. It’s been difficult to get into a habit to drink enough water, but I think I’ve mastered it quite well now. πŸ™‚ I still struggle every now and then, especially now while I’m stuck at home because of Corona. But it’s already improved compared to when I was in university. Especially now that I’ve discovered microdrinks.

I don’t know when exactly it started, but my struggle to drink enough water is something I started spending more attention to during university. Back in those days I could go days without even drinking half a liter of water during the day. This resulted in terrible headaches and very dry skin at times. So I tried out several things to make myself drink enough water. The combination of all these tricks make sure that I drink 2 liters a day most of the time now.

Track your water intake

I’m a big lover of tracking things. I track my spending, a lot of things at work and of course my water intake. This was one of the first tricks I learned to drink more water. This goes from plain and flavored water to caffeine-free tea and soup. Fun fact: since I would have bottles of 2L at my study desk and would not know how much was still inside I learned how many gulps go into 250ml. Call this weird, but it actually earned us 5 points during a quiz because I could measure 500ml spot on. πŸ˜€

My tips to drink enough water with Waterdrop

Flavor up your water

I’ve never loved drinking soda’s, but plain water might be a bit too plain sometimes. That’s why I count soup and caffeine-free tea as water in my app as well. But both are hot drinks, and sometimes I want a cold flavored drink…

A few weeks ago I discovered Waterdrop‘s microdrinks, which flavors your plain tap water with fruit and plant extracts. Their sugar-free microdrinks come in 8 flavors, are super easy to take with you and give you some vitamins as well. Even though there is no sugar in it, the microdrinks do taste sweet. And it’s eco-friendlier than regular flavored water bottles because they reduced 97% of the packaging and weight from those bottles into their cubes.

My tips to drink enough water with Waterdrop
My tips to drink enough water with Waterdrop

Wake up, drink up

After a full night without drinking a drip of water, your body will be dehydrated. So waking up and drinking some water immediately after is beneficial to your body. But it also gives you an advantage on the liters you want to drink during the day. I try to drink at least half a liter immediately after waking up, so during the day I only need to drink a liter and a half anymore. πŸ˜€

My tips to drink enough water with Waterdrop

Take your re-usable bottle with you wherever you go

I used to fill up my re-usable water bottle immediately after arriving at work. Since we’re stuck inside now, I just take my bottle with me when I go to my home desk or living room couch. I catch myself sometimes drinking from it without even thinking about it, so it’s a good thing it’s always within reach.

My tips to drink enough water with Waterdrop
(This picture was taken before we had to stay at home because of Corona)

The past few weeks I’ve been able to drink my 2 liters of water more often. The combination of all of my habits from the past few years and Waterdrop‘s microdrinks has proven to be the best way for me to drink more water.

What’s your top tip to drink enough water? πŸ˜€

xo Noor

Disclaimer: this blog post is sponsored by Waterdrop. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

12 thoughts on “My tips to drink enough water”

  1. These are good tips! i always have a bottle of water with me when we are out, or a glass of water near me in the house, it’s so important to stay hydrated!

    Hope that your week is going okay with everything happening right now!

  2. These flavoured drops are such a great (and quick!) way of adding a touch of flavour to water to keep things interesting. Thanks for the suggestion! x

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