The past two months have again flown by somehow. How is it possible it’s March already?! So much has happened the past two months, some of which you will already have seen passing by on the blog.

Testing out new food places

Of course there was a lot of food involved the past two months. There were the regulars as sushi, but I tried out a surprisingly much new places as well! My top three were a brunch spot with an amazing view (STAMcafe, one of my most-liked brunch places), a brunch buffet place with the most diverse choices (keep you posted on this one!) and a new poké bowl place.

STAMcafe brunch
STAMcafe brunch
Brunch Gust
Gust brunch
Hawaiian Poké Bowl Gent
Hawaiian Poké Bowl

Picking up reading again

So last year I really wanted to read a lot, but somehow it just didn’t happen. But this year I received a book as a Christmas present from my mom and it became my guilty pleasure. Just my luck it’s part of a series as well… So I’ve read 3 books of that series and some other in-betweens too. I even ended up reading on the floor of a train.

Lucinda Riley The Shadow Sister
Oyinkan Braithwaite My sister, the serial killer

We climbed to Belfry of Ghent

And it was amazing. We had such a good view over our hometown and it was so cool to see the familiar places from another point of view. Climbing the Belfry of Ghent really should be on everyone’s to do list when visiting Ghent!

Climbing the belfry of Ghent
Climbing the Belfry of Ghent

Tested out some beauty products

Yes, me, of all people. The reasons are various: I reaaally needed a new day cream that isn’t bad for my eczema, got a free tester of a face mask that gets hot (like real hot hot, super cool!), needed some new shampoo and decided to give another one a try after having had a nice tester of it already and picked up something in the sales because it was -90%.

Self natural dagcrème
Self day cream tester

L'Oreal make-up remover
L’Oreal make-up remover

The scenic route home

The weather lately has been shifting from sunny to (mostly) rainy. However, it has been becoming more and more bright when going home! Combined with a sunny day I realized once again how scenic my route home is. I was so many cool buildings, most of them located next to the river. Just look at this!

Vooruit Gent
Sint-Pietersabdij Gent

The past two months have flown by. I can’t wait what March will bring!

What was the most fun thing you did in 2020? 😀

xo Noor

14 thoughts on “January & February in pictures”

  1. I feel like we need to hit a major reset on 2020. So much constant s***, it feels like it never ends. So I can’t tell you how nice it is to read a positive post. Or one that focuses on the good stuff in life. Like noticing your surroundings more as the days get longer. That really stood out for me. It’s amazing what we notice when we just look. Thanks for the post and I hope March brings nothing but joy for you


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