On weekends, we brunch

If you’re following me on Instagram (@nonstopnoor) you might have already noticed I’m a big fan of brunching. Me and a group of friends that all live in Ghent try out a new place every month. Since I’ve started keeping track of our brunch adventures in my bullet journal, we’ve visited 7 new places in Ghent. So if you’re planning to brunch in Ghent anytime soon, let me just tell you my favorite brunch places so far.

At our current rate we still have more than 2 full years of brunching to do before we’ve tried out all the brunch places in Ghent we know of now. So the ones we’ve tried are only a few of the brunches you can have in Ghent. 🙂

Where to brunch in Ghent

Madam Bakster

I had been wanting to try this out for so long! Madam Bakster is a guiltfree bakery. All products are free from refined sugar, animal products, wheat and artificial flavorings or preservatives. The past few years I’ve been trying to cut out on refined sugars, and their cakes are the best way to eat cake and not eat refined sugars. Not only their cakes are amazing, their brunch is as well! It all tasted amazing, and we got some free popcorn as well! 😀
One downside of the place: everytime someone enters the sliding doors open and a gust of wind goes through the whole shop. Not recommending going there in the winter.
Brabantdam 142, Madam Bakster website

Madam Bakster brunch
Madam Bakster brunch
Madam Bakster brunch

Oats Day Long

While studying at university I started eating oatmeal for breakfast. I’m still eating it every morning, so brunching at a oatmeal restaurant sounded like heaven for me! 😀
I went there twice the past months; the first time I chose a cold overnight oats and the second time a hot dish. Both were so good!
Nederkouter 55, Oats Day Long website

Oats Day Long brunch
Oats Day Long brunch
Oats Day Long brunch


I guess this must be our ultimate favorite (for now). We’ve tried this one out exactly one year ago and it was the reason why I started tracking our brunches. It’s easy when you know you absolutely love the O’yo Indulgence pancakes and saves your time as well when ordering your food. 😉 I was actually so enthousiast about it that friends of mine thought it was a good birthday present last year. It definitely was! 😀
I wouldn’t recommend the wine, though! It seemed like nobody ever orders it there because they had to literaly search for the bottle of wine and then give it in the wrong glasses. Possibly because the taste wasn’t worth repeating.
Brabantdam 82, O’yo website

O'yo Gent brunch
O'yo Gent brunch
O'yo Gent brunch

Other good places to brunch in Ghent

Of course there are other good brunch places in Ghent! The following ones were OK, but did not stand out as much as our top three here above:

Pain Perdu
Walpoortstraat 9
A classic brunch, where you can sit cosy without being hushed away. Everything tastes good, you can choose between sweet and savory brunches and price/quality it’s certainly OK.

Pain Perdu Gent brunch

Godshuizenlaan 2
A classic brunch as well, but the location here is suuuper nice! All the walls are in glass, and there’s a pond next to the place so the view is amazing! Perfect way to have a decent brunch!


Places I wouldn’t go again for a brunch in Ghent

As with everything not all experiences turn out good, and this is the same for our brunch experiences too.

  • Het Moment
    Price/quantity was not OK for me, but what you get is good. The interior is nice, but it’s not outstanding enough to make up for the price of the brunch.
  • STEK
    The brunch was OK, but they were sooo rude! We had been sitting there for two hours and wanted to order some extra drinks, but the next reservations might arrive soon and we had been sitting there the longest, sooo… Besides that, the plants sold there all look sad. How can you even do that to a plant?!
  • Luv l’oeuf
    It’s supposed to be an egg restaurant, but their soft-boiled eggs look more something between soft and hard-boiled eggs. Says enough, no? :/

This blog post turned out much longer than I had anticipated. Can you tell I get super excited from brunching? 😀 I’m so glad this has become a tradition for us. Can’t wait to try out some cool new brunch location in 2020 as well! 😀

What’s your favorite meal of the day?

xo Noor

26 thoughts on “On weekends, we brunch (in Ghent)”

    1. That’s such a fun tradition! I could eat pancakes everytime, but I forbid myself to. Açaí bowls are the best ♡

      Xo Noor

  1. Oh these meals all look great! it’s a shame not everywhere you tried is somewhere you enjoyed and would recommend but it’s nice you have a few standout favourites! 🙂

    Hope that you are having a great week 🙂

  2. Ik ga ook wel regelmatig brunchen in Gent, altijd zoveel leuke adresjes 🙂
    Ook fan van Madam Bakster, de andere die jij noemt heb ik jammer genoeg nog niet uitgeprobeerd. O’yo en Stamcafé wil ik ook heel graag eens doen.

  3. This looks and sounds like a yummy guide! I love brunch myself, particularly on Sundays because we eat a huge, cheat meal on Saturday nights that we don’t have much of an appetite come Sunday morning….until around brunch time. That chia pudding in the photo up top looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing, babe!


  4. Ohhh so much good food is featured in this post! I’m now disappointed that I wasn’t also brunching in Ghent haha. Pain Perdu both looks and sounds like somewhere I’d like to visit!

    aglassofice.com x

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