Travel diary: Berlin

The last few years more and more people I knew traveled to Berlin. The majority of them came back super excited, which made me want to visit the city as well. When a friend proposed to go on a citytrip we doubted between a more sunny destination and Berlin, but in the end the latter one won.

Even though I regretted not going to that sunnier destination a few times (Berlin can be really really really cold, especially mid November, apparently), I loved visiting Berlin! The city has a lot of fun (and cheap) bars and places to eat. However, I think spring and summer are better moments to visit the city because then you can chill in the parks.

Travel diary: Berlin

Day 1: Arrival and random wandering

We stayed at the Ballhaus Hostel, which was located a bit north of the city center. The metro stop was nearby, but we didn’t use it that much because we quickly discovered everything was within walking distance.

The first day however we did use the metro. I had read somewhere the Zoologischer Garten region was fun to walk around. We quickly ate something because we hadn’t eaten anything decent since the morning and then visited some shopping malls. I bought some fun things on that first evening, but we didn’t quite like that neighbourhood. Was it because we were tired, we arrived there in the dark and didn’t “get” the city yet, …? No idea.

Travel diary: Brandenburger Tor Berlin

Day 2: Discovering Berlin’s history

On the second day we really started discovering Berlin. We took a free walking tour, so we could understand the city better. The guide took us to the most touristic places, while giving a great explanation. He wasn’t as funy as those free tour guides usually are, though.

Travel diary: Berlin back in time

Travel diary: Berlin East Side Gallery trabant

Afterwards, we ventured off to the East Side Gallery. I feel like we didn’t get the meaning of all of the artworks because we didn’t have a guide, but it was really fun to walk around there. Taking a picture at the ” My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love” was almost a mission impossible because everyone wanted a picture there, but there are so many cool works there.

Next we went for a tea (with cake) because it was sooo cold! While we were warming up, we decided the Jewish Museum would be great to end the day. The museum was really impressive, even though it’s not that big. The architecture, the stories, the artworks, … made it all extra impressive.

To end the day we looked for something to eat nearby the museum. We were in the mood for Indian food, and while looking for Indian restaurants we noticed the 4th restaurant that popped up on Tripadvisor was only a 5-minute walk away. Score! Would totally recommend Delhi 6; super friendly, fast, and a relaxed setting.

Day 3: Discovering Berlin’s food & some more history

Travel diary: Berlin brunch at Berlin_Theke

We started our third day in Berlin off with a brunch at Berlin_theke. We had come across the place while walking to the starting point of our walking tour the previous day. It did help that there was a giant “pancakes all day” sign outside. Service could be better coordinated, but it was warm inside and the food was great.

Next up was the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and the free museum underneath. We had quickly passed it during the walking tour the day before, but this time we wanted to take our time walking around the memorial. Underneath is is the Holocaust Museum, which shows the buildup to the holocaust, letters of victims, family histories and literally tells stories of victims. Quite impressive, but sooo much texts!

After a quick stop at Mall of Berlin it was time for the DDR Museum. Super interesting, interactive and well put together, but again soooo much texts! We spent more than an hour and a half there, and then we had skipped the last part of the museum already. But it was interesting to see how they lived during DDR-times and much things were brought in a fun way.

Travel diary: Berlin pumpkin ravioli at Barist

Then it was time to look for food (again). We ended up at Barist, where I had the best pumpkin ravioli. It was served with live piano music, but the bill was surprisingly low! It was the perfect meal to have right before going to the first night of Christmas markets in Berlin.

Day 4: Last to dos in Berlin

Travel diary: Berlin Mall of Berlin Hallbauer headband

On the last day we had a late breakfast and then set off to the city center for some final shopping and doing some of the “Berlin to dos” we still had on our list. We ended up at the Mall of Berlin again because it has so many shops you can’t do everything in one hour. Bought my super warm head band with Alpaca wool there. Haven’t really been able to use it because it hasn’t been that cold in Belgium lately though.

We also looked for some of the typical curry wurst of Berlin. I tried some from a hidden curry place in a mall and I didn’t quite like it tbh. On the way there we had come across a Dunkin Donuts, which I had never tried before, and luckily that was more to my taste.

Travel diary: Berlin traffic light man Ampelmรคnnchen

Last thing I wanted to see was the difference in the traffic lights for pedestrians. Did you know that there are two types of traffic lights for pedestrians, depending on where you are in Berlin? In the former DDR the traffic lights for pedestrians wear a hat, while the other half of Berlin has a “regular” guy.

Berlin shoplog

Whenever I travel I always buy clothes (much better than a static souvenir) and some drugstore things I haven’t seen in Belgium yet. I absolutely love the things I’ve found in Berlin!

Knit hair band from Hallhuber, with Alpaca wool. Perfect to keep my ears warm. Not that necessary at the moment because it’s super warm, but still.
Washi tape from Manzawa – because who can resist cute washi tape?
Glitter peel-off mask from #b.e. ROUTINE. I kind of bought this one because it has glitters, yes. ๐Ÿ™‚
Eye gel stick from Tony Moly. This one I just bought because it looked cute, but it does not not help. ๐Ÿ™‚
Slice mask sheet from Kocostar. The cool thing about these masks is that they just look like cucumber or kiwi slices or rose petals!

Even though it was super cold, I really enjoyed my trip to Berlin! I’m happy I’ve also bought some things I can still use and that will remind me of my trip. ๐Ÿ˜€

Have you ever been to Berlin?

xo Noor

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    1. We definitely had! If you would ever visit Europe, Berlin should definitely be on your list, even if it’s only for the war history. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Xo Noor

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