Careless in Koper

While walking around in Koper we discovered just how cute the little harbour city was. We could just wander through the cities without having to worry where we’d end up. The houses in the usual small streets were painted in pastel or other colorful colors. I loved it! The blogger inside of me couldn’t have been happier. If there was one place in Slovenia I had to take my outfit pictures in, it had to be there.

As you could read in my Slovenia travel diary Koper was the last city we visited in Slovenia. Even though we didn’t stay that long and we were a bit disappointed because we had wanted to have a beach day there and there was no beach, the city could definitely charm us. It’s perfect to walk around without having a plan in mind because it’s so small, and as I’ve said before: so many charming streets and houses! We really didn’t have a care in the world while strolling through the city, so relaxing!

OOTD: Careless in Koper

While walking through Koper I wore my favorite navy dress. I definitely got the cost to wear out of this dress ever since I bought it in 2016. I dread the day this dress will be completely worn down. But until that day I’ll wear it very happily. 😀

OOTD: Careless in Koper

I paired it with my old Tamaris sneakers. I don’t have to wear my sport insoles every day, but when I travel I do because we usually walk several kilometers a day. So my old Tamaris sneakers have turned into my ‘insoles sneakers’, and my new sneakers still have their original soles in them. They are definitely better for my knees, but my feet felt even warmer. As if it wasn’t hot enough already.

OOTD: Careless in Koper

The sunglasses were a new addition to the family. 🙂 I had managed to destroy two pairs of them on one day right before we would go to Ljubljana. So when we arrived in the Ljubljana city center, the first thing we did was go find new sunglasses. We bought a pair for me and one to leave in the car (which was the second pair that I had destroyed). The one we would leave in the car was marked as 1 euro instead of 10. Mine wasn’t marked down but it turned out it was only 1 euro as well! The next day I went back to buy another pair because you can never have too much sunglasses, and that discount was crazy!

OOTD: Careless in Koper - H&M reflection sunglasses

Both pairs of sunglasses had those reflection glasses, which the boyf didn’t like that much. He said that every time we kissed it felt weird for him to watch his own face in the reflection. :’)
I was also wearing my bow hair-tie around my wrist. It was really hot while we were visiting Slovenia, so most of the time I was wearing my hair up with my favorite hair-tie. We shot these pictures late afternoon, when the sun was going down and the temperatures became bearable again.

Do you love pastel houses as much as I do? 😀

xo Noor

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  1. What a cute dress and lovely yellow building! I’m glad you had a good time there even if you didn’t get the beach day you’d planned! 🙂

    Hope that you have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  2. This white and yellow building is an absolute DREAM! Such beautiful architecture and these are really lovely photos of you too darling 🙂 x

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