Summer really has ended, with the rain, the cold and the heating turned on the last few days. I realllly try to postpone turning the heating on as long as possible because I want to keep hold of summer as long as possible. Another way is to look back at what I’ve done the last two months of summer.

For the love of summer pool parties

Non-stop Noor - August & September in pictures

Over the course of summer we were invited to a few pool parties. Last one was from a friend of mine who spent a few months in Australia. When she came back she gave a pool party for our group of friends. Luckily the weather was super good (I really miss that weather ATM!), and we could all enjoy some drinks and barbecue. It was so much fun to see her again, and to come together with my friends. The boyf also approved of the pool BTW. 😀

Trying out new restaurants

I have a lot of favorite places, but I love trying out new places as well. It’s always a choice between knowing you’ll eat good, and maybe getting to know a new place where it’s good to eat.

Non-stop Noor - August & September in pictures

Golden Gai – Ghent
I’ve been wanting to try out Golden Gai for a while, but the boyf has another fave ramen restaurant he always wants to go to. Lucky me for having friends that love that restaurant.

Non-stop Noor - August & September in pictures

The Avocado Show – Brussels
Ever since this restaurant was opened I wanted to go. Every now and then I have to work in Brussels, so I took my colleagues on tow to try it out. We were impressed.

O’Yo – Ghent
One of my favorite brunch places in Ghent is O’yo. I mean, look at those pancakes! First time I tried a Matcha (coco) latte, and I must say I loved it.

Non-stop Noor - August & September in pictures

Traveling to Slovenia and Venice for our summer holidays

Our summer holidays were spent in Slovenia, with a side trip to Venice on our way home. A travel diary is definitely on its way, because Slovenia is just way too cool to not write about. I was SO pleasantly surprised by Slovenia!
Our side trip to Venice was a great idea as well. We spent a sunny day walking around Venice. Everyone warned us that it would be busy, but it was not that crowded at all. Was it because it was the day after Ferragosto or because we were at the touristy places at times that the tourists were somewhere else, I have no idea.

Lake Bled Slovenia
Lake Bled, Slovenia
Non-stop Noor - August & September in pictures
San Marco Square, Venice

A weekend at Disneyland

Four years ago my parents and another couple we know went ot Disneyland in Paris. It was so fun that we just kept asking to go once more. This year we were finally able to convince both my parents as that other couple to go once more. Even though the weather was horrible on Sunday, we still had a lot of fun and could do all of the attractions that we wanted to do.

Disneyland Paris

Nail art workshop at work

Non-stop Noor - August & September in pictures

Every year we have a company-wide team building. It’s always a mix of content and fun. The last few years the employers get to fill in the content part by giving a workshop on something they can teach the other employees, whether it be work-related or not. I taught some quick ways to pimp your nails. The workshop was based on my 6 quick ways to pimp your nails blog post.

Monopoly Ghent edition

Non-stop Noor - August & September in pictures

Back in March the boyf and I received the Ghent edition of Monopoly for our birthdays. Well, we received a voucher because it hadn’t been launched even. 😀 A few weeks ago we could finally pick it up! For a board game geek and Ghent lover as me this was the perfect present!

Summer nights out in Ghent

What I like so much about living in Ghent is that there’s always something to do. Every year there is for example OdeGand, with concerts on or at the water. This year we enjoyed a Sioen & band concert and a vertical dance, closed off with the best fireworks. Seriously, for OdeGand they always go above and beyond with their fireworks.

Non-stop Noor - August & September in pictures

Summer now really seems over: we had some warmer days, but those were closed off with a storm with heavy rain showers. But I’ve got some really good memories of the summer of 2019. 😀

What is your best memory of the summer of 2019?

xo Noor

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