It must have been almost 10 years since I first heard about the Mason Pearson brush and ever since I knew at one point in my life I would own a “Rolls Royce of hair brushes”. The boyf gave me one as a birthday gift a few months ago. We’re now a few months further and I guess it’s time to see for myself if the Mason Pearson is worth it if it.

Is the Mason Pearson worth it?

The Rolls Royce of Hair Brushes

The Mason Pearson brush got its nickname for a couple of reasons, according to me. People are always raving about it, saying it’s the best brush they have every had for several reasons. Another reason for the nickname might just as well be the price.
I wouldn’t say it’s ‘the best brush’, because to me it has one big disadvantage, but I must admit it has quite some good points as well.

Is the Mason Pearson worth it?

Why you should invest in a Mason Pearson brush

There are a couple of reasons why the Mason Pearson is worth it.

1. There’s a brush for everyone
Mason Pearson brushes come in different sizes and types (boar hair only, nylon only or a combination of the two), so there’s a brush for every type of hair. On their website you can choose the hairbrush that’s best for your type of hair.

2. It detangles knots easily
I have hair that knots together super easily. Even when using a special detangling leave-in conditioner, I have to detangle my hair every time I come home from work. This brush easily does this without causing pain, friction or breakage.

3. It massages your scalp
I’m a sucker for scalp massages. I used to have a head massage spider but I always ended up with super knotted hair so I stopped doing that. Now I kind of just brush my hair to get that scalp massage. I come home from work and within the half hour I brushed my hair; it’s almost adictive! 🙂 It’s not only super fun to do, but because of the stimulated bloodflow, your hair will grow quicker as well!

4. It’s not stiff
Because of the flexible cushion the bristles gently follow your scalp. You can actually feel it while brushing because there’s a hole at the top of the brush and you can feel the air inside the cushion escape while brushing. This also means it won’t scratch your scalp because if there’s too much pressure on the bristles the cushion will just contract.

5. It makes your hair soft and shiny
One of the (other) reasons I love to brush my hair with this brush is because it makes my hair feel super soft and look super shiny. And not in a greasy way. Who wouldn’t want that?! 😀

6. It distributes your hair oils so your hair becomes less quicker greasy
Apparantly boar hair bristles are super good to distribute your natural hair oils more evenly over your hair strands. This way your hair will be less quicker greasy and you can possibly reduce your hair washing. This will also lead to less hair break and healthier hair.
If you use your Mason Pearson for the first time, your hair might become static. The first time you use it, the boar hair bristles haven’t been “coated” with a layer of your natural hair oils. As soon as you’ve brushed a few times, this should be fixed.

These 6 reasons would be good enough alone to convince yourself of buying this brush. But there are some other reasons why I would buy this boar hair brush at Mason Pearson and nowhere else:

  • The boar hair bristles are collected in nature (when they rub their backs on trees or rocks) or as a by-product of the meat industry. It’s quality and animal-friendly.
  • They’re not completely hand-made, but they’re still hand-finished to remove any sharp edges.
  • the design hasn’t changed since the start, so it has a retro look and feel.
Is the Mason Pearson worth it?

Why I wouldn’t invest in a Mason Pearson brush

1. You shouldn’t use the brush on wet hair
Now that’s a dealbreaker for me. I wash my hair on a daily basis, so in the morning I use my my Tangle Teezer on wet hair (as always, works like a charm btw). In the evening I brush my hair when I come home from work just because I like it and right before going to bed to distribute my hair oils even more. And because I love a good scalp massage. 😉

2. That price
If I would have followed the recommendations about which hair brush I should have bought, I would have had a brush of 70 euros instead of my 60 euros one. I just couldn’t get myself to propose that to the boyf when he asked me which brush to buy as a present. It took me years to get used to the idea that a brush might cost 60 euros, I wouldn’t go lightly over having to spend 70 euros.

Is the Mason Pearson worth it?

Is the Mason Pearson worth it?

Ha, the million dollar question. I’m not 100% sure. Using the brush feels good, the results are amazing and I wouldn’t be able to live without my daily head massages anymore. However, because I don’t use it on wet hair I can’t make full use of the brush. Maybe I’ll start using it on wet hair as well in a year (or 2) or so, and then it will be much more worth the money. So is Mason Pearson worth it? Yes. Would I buy him again? For now I don’t think so.

Do you have a Mason Pearson brush? 😀

xo Noor

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  1. I’ve never heard of this brand or brush before, so thanks for sharing; I’ll have to look into it. I don’t mind investing in products if they’re truly worth it, especially for hair and skin!



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