I can’t believe it’s June already! April just flew by and May started to busy I only get to my ‘month in pictures’ now. It’s safe to say good food was involved, next to some regulars and some firsts. 😀

Non-stop Noor: My month in pictures - April & May: American Pancakes O'yo


One of the best gifts for me is (no, not food!) getting together with friends. So when two of my friends gave a brunch as a birthday present (check last month’s Month in pictures for the party itself 😉 ) I certainly was super happy! It was at one of my favorite brunch places lately, O’yo. These pancakes are a-ma-zing!

Non-stop Noor: My month in pictures - April & May: Tamaris sneakers

Never change a winning team

Last year I bought the most comfortable sneakers ever! I took them everywhere, even to walk kilometers in Japan. When a colleague of mine told me they were sold again, I just had to get them again. So I got myself some new kicks (kind of).

Non-stop Noor: My month in pictures - April & May: L'Oreal Paris Elseve Dream Long Steam Mask

At-home steam hair mask

I’m a sucker for all things hair care. So when I walked into a Di shop for something, of course I came out with three other things I wasn’t planning on buying. One of them was this Elseve Dream Long Steam Mask. It might become one of my favorite hair care products, and now I know when to use which hair oil I can see why this mask might do wonders. Will keep you posted. 😉

Non-stop Noor: My month in pictures - April & May: Virtual Reality game De Dag - The Park Playground

Virtual Reality game

This is hands down the coolest thing I’ve done so far this year. We played a Virtual Reality game based on a Flemish TV series, De Dag. We had to free the hostages, which we failed at again and again, but it was a really cool experience! The technique still has some hiccups (eg. my microphone not working so nobody heard me all during the game), but it was exciting (you’re being shot at, whut?!), funny (everyone was walking on tip toes?) and really cool. 😀 Another game you could do was just killing of zombies, FYI. 🙂

Non-stop Noor: My month in pictures - April & May: 48 hours in Amsterdam

48 hours in Amsterdam

Almost a year ago a Brazilian friend I hadn’t seen for 9 years told me has would be coming to Europe. We agreed on meeting up in Amsterdam for 2 days, without a real plan, and ended up with two super fun days. 😀

Non-stop Noor: My month in pictures - April & May: apero


With my team we had a super fun team building involving lots of food (we are a team of foodies, really!), a quiz and a cooking workshop.
p.s. for my Belgian readers: we stayed in the Villa from Lenny from Blind Getrouwd! 😀

Non-stop Noor: My month in pictures - April & May: Start to run

Start to run

After months of physiotherapy I can finally start up running again. 😀 Last month I got this Start to run schedule I need to follow, and so far all goes well. The weather is better too, but now I feel like I’m one of those seasonal runners who only runs when the weather is good. (:

I’ve tried to keep this overview of my last two months short, but you can assume more brunches, lunches, sushi and meeting up with friends in general were involved. When the weather gets better, people just go outside more often, right? 🙂

What was the best thing you did the past two months? 😀

xo Noor

14 thoughts on “My month in pictures – April & May”

    1. It really is! I’ve bought some extras to test it some more,but it’s super relaxing so if it wouldn’t work, at least I would be relaxed 😀

      Xo Noor

    1. And super yummy as well!
      I’m finishing up on a blog post about Amsterdam, because it’s indeed amazing 🙂

      xo Noor

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