Yesterday’s weather was so weird: rain, sun, warmth, cold, … it had all of it! So when I met up with a friend for lunch my outfit had to have it all. Lucky me for having the perfect coat for this weather! Not too warm, not too cold, with a hood, and – shocker – it’s a pink one! Yep, I wore a pink coat, who would’ve ever thought I would be so fond of a color that’s not blue!

Non-stop Noor: That Pink Coat

I bought this coat during the re-opening of the Vero Moda shop in Ghent. I had been eye-ing the coat the whole event, but I only tried on and bought a dress. For starters. Right before leaving the shop, I couldn’t resist putting the coat on and well, I just had to buy it. πŸ˜€

Non-stop Noor: That Pink Coat
I was wearing: Vero Moda coat, QED London dress

As you can see, wearing this coat makes me really happy. πŸ˜‰ I paired it with a sleeveless dress, thighs, and easy boots. Even though the coat looks thick, it’s not that thick at all, which was perfect for yesterday’s quite warm weather. The hood helped me face the rain when I left home, while I could easily sit in my sleeveless dress while having a desssert and drinking tea in the sun. I’m telling you, yesterday’s weather was really fickle!

Non-stop Noor: That Pink Coat

Pink has never been my favorite color. I loved wearing blue clothes more. Buying this pink coat however really sparked a pink obsession. A pink coat, pink nail polish, pink washi tape, … I’m really on a pink roll! πŸ˜€

Non-stop Noor: That Pink Coat

Remember this backpack I bought in Japan? It’s been my go-to bag ever since I’ve bought it. It looks small, especially compared to my gigantic hood, but it can hold a lot! Besides that it’s much better for my shoulders than my regular handbags, because I don’t have to hold a lot of weight on one shoulder anymore.

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Happiness in a pink coat πŸ’ƒ

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I still can’t believe I switched this easily from being someone who would always take the blue choice if a piece of clothing came in multiple colors to someone who walks around in a pink coat and suddenly loves all things pink. Do you also have those periods in which you wear a certain color more? πŸ˜€

xo Noor

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    1. It looks like it’s warmer than it is, so it’s perfect for the in-between season now πŸ˜€
      I hope so at well, but as from Saturday the weather will be good here!

      Xo Noor

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