Last year I became a big lover of sneakers. I had been postponing the moment to buy myself a pair. Mostly because I didn’t know if they would be something for me. But then I found a white pair of sneakers with a cool pattern on them. I wore those shoes a full year long, up until a point where they started breaking down. Guess who had to find a pair of new sneakers?

Non-stop Noor - New kicks on the block (kind of): I re-bought my most comfy sneakers ever

Two other colleagues also had these sneakers and loved wearing them as much as I do. So when one of them came to me and told me that she had seen “our” shoes in the Tamaris shop again, I kind of went to buy me a pair that same week. So I got myself a new pair of sneakers, even though they aren’t that new to me. You might have seen them pass by when I showed my favorite dungaree dress ever. Yep, I really wore them a LOT!

It’s a small mindfuck to wear them, though: when I put them on, I expect them to be as loose as my other pair, which they – of course – aren’t. But during last week’s walk in the city with the boyf they proved themselves to be as comfy as my previous pair.

Non-stop Noor - New kicks on the block (kind of): I re-bought my most comfy sneakers ever

Sneakers: Tamaris MARRAS

I’m super happy my colleagues notified me that our sneakers were back in sale. When it comes to shoes I’m so difficult to find the perfect pair. I just knew I couldn’t let this opportunity go. And now I’m so ready for another year of adventures on the most comfy sneakers ever! 😀

Have you ever bought clothes again just because you loved them so much? 😀

xo Noor

16 thoughts on “New kicks on the block (kind of)”

    1. Exactly! I would have eventually had to let go of my old pair and it would have been such a sad moment.

      Xo Noor

  1. OOh I like the textured design of these sneakers! Isn’t it amazing when you finally find a pair of stylish and comfortably-fitting sneakers?! 🙂 x

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