“Long hair don’t care” should not apply to your hair care! That’s why I’m super interested in it! I love to buy every little new gimmick in hair care, and have tried tons of different products and brands. But sometimes I find a real treasure, one that I’ll rebuy immediately once it’s finished. And because sharing is caring, I’ll show my 6 favorite products. Maybe you’ll discover your next treasure as well? 😉

Lush’ Roots hair treatment

Lush Roots hair treatment

I’ve discovered this hair mask yeaaars ago, and haven’t stopped using it ever since. This mask is especially made for thine (thin and fine) hair, so it’s perfect for my locks. I love to use it instead of my regular shampoo, because it’s a tad bit stripping and would dry out my hair too much if I would use both. The scent is minty, but it’s not too overwhelming. I really notice how my fine hair benefits from it, especially if I haven’t used it in a while.

Uniqone super10r hair mask

Revlon Professional UniqOne Super10r hair mask 10 real benefits

Another hair mask in the list. I just love how hair masks make my hair feel better. What I love about this one is that mask just melts into your hair. You can feel it getting soaked up, instead of just laying a layer on your hair. It is supposed to have 10 benefits, and I should check if they all apply on my hair, but I do know just by using this hair mask that it definitely benefits my hair. 😀

Vitality’s Trilogy recharging oil system

Vitality's Trilogy recharging oil system hair oil with 3 perfect oil

I received this hair oil as a gift back on my previous job. Well, not entirely true: I ran out of that gift and this is actually my second bottle. This hair oil is unlike any other hair oil I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried plenty already) because it doesn’t make my hair looks greasy. Other hair oils are thicker, so even super little makes my hair lump together in sticky, greasy lumps, so I can only use those as a pre-poo treatment. But because this one is that lightweight it doesn’t make my hair look greasy at all. A true joy to use!

Lush shampoo bar Honey I washed my hair

Lus shampoo bar Honey I washed my hair

The first (and only) shampoo bar I’ve ever bought. I don’t use this shampoo bar regularly, more like once a week or two weeks, because it’s a bit stripping and my hair definitely needs conditioning afterwards. But it’s kind of a cleansing shampoo, so it’s perfect to get all of the drying shampoo, sweat, and other impurities out of my hair. 🙂

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea cleansing hair scrub

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea cleansing hair scrub

I’ve already told you about my love for the The Body Shop hair scrub before, and I’m still super happy with this discovery. This is also something I only use every now and then because it’s a bit stripping as well, but it gives the best head massage and scrubs all impurities away. I use it instead of my regular shampoo, because a combination of those two would definitely make my hair dry out. It’s also super good for hair growth, because you have to massage your scalp while applying it, and that’s one of THE things to do if you want your hair to grow quicker!

Revlon Professional Equave leave-in conditioner

Revlon Professional Equave leave-in conditioner

Another thing I discovered through my previous job is this leave-in conditioner. I love how this one can detangle my hair. Especially in winter this was godsend because my hair would constantly tangle in my scarf. Thanks to this fella the knots wouldn’t be that much of a problem and thus damage my hair. As you can see the bottle is almost empty, so time to get the next one! 😀

I wouldn’t be able to live without these products anymore. I might not use them super regularly, but they definitely help to keep my hair shiny and healthy.

Which are your favorite hair care products?

xo Noor

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