Even though 2019 is only two months old, I’ve already enjoyed it to the fullest. There has been snow, there’s been sun. There’s been traveling and there’s been staying in Ghent as well. Let’s see how that looked like in my first ‘month in pictures’!

I actually wanted to do a monthly ‘month in pictures’ update in 2019, but halfway January my laptop decided to break, hence the delay of one month. 🙂 I’m still trying to fix my laptop, because at the same time our external hard drive broke as well, so most of my posts are written on my phone. Let me tell you I type 100 times as slow on my phone as on my laptop. But I really didn’t want to take another month to show you my month in pictures. 😉

Hello snow!

In January we had a few snowy days, which I absolutely loved! There was enough snow to enjoy the beauty of it, and there wasn’t that much that all Belgian traffic was standing still. Seriously, the snow always makes me as happy as a child; I mean, it’s all so pretty and magical!

Snow in Ghent

Skiing in Les Arcs

That first snow helped to get used to colder temperatures since a week after that the boyf and I went skiing with friends. We rented an appartment which was perfect for the nine of us to eat together, play board games together and chilled a lot together as well. There also was a swimming pool and sauna in the hotel. But we were ther to ski, of course, but unfortunately the avalanche risk was quite high and some days only half of the ski lifts were open. Oh well, we enjoyed it anyway!

Skiing in Les Arcs
Skiing in Les Arcs

Visiting Lapland

The boyf and I were back for three days when we left again for norwegian Lapland. It was a super unexpected trip since we were invited by the boyf’s parents only two months prior. They already booked their tickets and thought it would be fun to have their kids with them as well, and if we would like to come along? I was seriously flabbergasted, and super relieved when the boyf said “Of course” after what seemed like a full minute! I’ll put together a full blog post about what to do there, so stay tuned! We enjoyed the snow, the cold, the northern lights, the huskies, … Snow seems to be quite around in this month in pictures. 😉

Visiting Lapland

Brunch, baby, brunch

I love food. I’ll never ever be able to follow a diet because I just cannot not eat something I love. You might notice there’s a lot of food in this month in pictures, and that’s just because food is quite a big part of my life. 😉 Luckily I have friends who love to go eating with me! That’s how I spent two Saturdary mornings of the past two months brunching with friends. And it was soooo good! Especially the pancake brunch we had at O’yo was a-ma-zing! Will definitely go back there one day! 😀

Brunch, baby, brunch

Reopening of Vero Moda

I also went to the reopening of the Vero Moda in Ghent, after it had been renovated. Let me start off by telling you the place looks amazing now! Waaay more modern than the dark, old place. I LOVE it! During the event there were nachos, live music, free flowers and delicious drink.

We could also enjoy a 30% discount on Vero Moda while we were there, and I took the boyf along because the Jack & Jones shop (that’s in the same renovated building) celebrated the reopening with 50% off. Quite unfair, but I was still very happy with the dress and coat I scored. Will most probably show those finds later on. 😉

Reopening of Vero Moda in Ghent

We made our own lasagna

The boyf’s brother gave his girlfriend a pasta machine, so they invited us to have some super fresh pasta. I was super amazed you can make pasta that easily! And it was super fun to make and super tasty as well. 😀

Make your own lasagna

I tested Nivea’s micellar shampoo

I’ve been using micellar water in my skin cleaning routine for a while now, so I was quite tempted to test this micellar shampoo as well. Too bad it doesn’t work for my hair: if I would wash my hair on a daily basis, it would be perfect, however I’m trying to train my hair to wash it only every other day, so I wasn’t too pleased with my greasy hair every other day. I tried, really, but it just didn’t work out.

I tested Nivea Micellar Shampoo - small review

Lunch in the sun

Even though I looove the snow, I was also super happy when the sun showed up for almost a week, leaving everyone with restored vitamin D and better mood. I’ve been sleeping better ever since, so I realllly needed some vitamin sun. 🙂 A friend and I thought it would be a good idea to takeaway a salad and eat it in the sun. We really enjoyed it, even though we had to wait extremely long on our meals. This is my face when I can finallllly eat my food in the sun! 😀

Lunch in the sun with Oh My Poké in Ghent

I’ve really been enjoying those first two months of 2019, and can’t wait for the rest of the year! In March I’ve already scheduled two meet-ups with friends over sushi, testing out a new restaurant, and my birthday party! 😀 So excited!

What was the highlight of your 2019 so far? 😀

xo Noor

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