Over the three weeks we’ve spent in Japan of course I bought more than only food. Whenever I travel, I always try to buy a souvenir I can use or wear to remember a trip afterwards. However, this time I came home with other things than I had planned. Those Japanese and all their kawaii stuff made me love wandering their shops way too much!

Clothes I got from Japan

What I thought was remarkable was that there are a lot of shops in the metro and train stations. Seeing so many clothes shops with cool clothes was heaven to me, but somehow I didn’t buy anything until the middle of our trip. Having to try to stuff it in my already quite full backpack might have something to do with that, next to the heat wave and the sweaty temperatures… By the middle of our trip we decided we would buy an extra bag for so we didn’t have to put our hiking shoes to climb Mount Fuji in our backpack on the plane. And that did unleash me a bit. Oops!

I got it from Japan: ORiental TRaffic WA Comfort Ankle-Strap Low Wedges in Red / Brown

I started by buying a super cute pair of ORiental TRaffic sandals that always feel like walking on clouds. Super weird: they work with sizes S, M and L for their shoes. o.O



NOOR ♡ (@nonstopnoor) op

Ever since I bought my grey backpack last spring I always look for another one. I definitely found it in this simple black one which I can actually close!

I got it from Japan: striped button-front dress Forever21 in ivory / rust

The dress is from (and I’m ashamed to say it because I’m in Japan and I really tried on so many Japanese brands but nothing fit really) Forever21… When we left to Japan, I knew I wanted to go to Forever21. When a friend of mine returned from her trip to Japan end of January, we had a sushi lunch so she could give us some tips. One of the things she said was “and OMG Noor they have SUCH a HUGE Forever21 store in Tokyo!” Yep, my friends know me so well… 😉 I was looking forward to shopping there, because the Forever21 stores in Belgium closed down last year. Little did I know I would only be buying a dress in that store really… Either way, I just looove this striped dress from Forever21! ♥

I got it from Japan: Forever21 striped button-front dress, black backpack from Japan, ORiental TRaffic ankle-strap wedges

Beauty supplies I got from Japan

But enough for the clothes. Let’s start with some skin care. Yep, skin care, who would’ve thought!

I got it from Japan: beauty supplies Pikachu face mask and Mocchi skin face wash

It all started when we were on the metro, of all places. They not only have advertisement banners in their cars, but also video advertising. So when I saw this girl showing how elastic a face wash was, I just had to have it. 😀 We looked almost two full weeks for it but finally the boyf found it. Mochi is a Japanese rice cake which is a bit gel like. Hard to explain, but it’s what this product is named after.

I got it from Japan: Mocchi skin face wash elasticity

The product is really fun to play with before applying to the face and clean your face with it. The elasticity is not as exaggerated as in the commercial, but it’s still cool. And even though I just picked it up because it looked fun, it also works and isn’t too harsh on my face. Yay!

I got it from Japan: Pikachu face mask

I also picked up some face masks, also because I thought they looked cool. The one comes in a gold package and the other is in the shape of… you guessed it: Pikachu! How cool is that?! 😀

Blue Hello Kitty nail polish sanrio - nail jewelry seal

I also bought some nail polish (duh), a blue one (duh) only because it was from Hello Kitty. I’m SUCH a sucker for cute/kawaii stuff, agh! I also got these nail stickers, which were quite expensive, but I just wanted to get some nail art stuff from Japan. I had really thought I would be able to buy tons of (rather cheap) nail art supplies here, but alas!

Blue Hello Kitty nail polish sanrio - nail jewelry seal

Bullet journal supplies I got from Japan

To finish I bought some bullet journal supplies. Back in March I told you how I really wanted to buy a bullet journal, which I afterwards got from the boyf. I could choose the color and (obviously) went for blue, so when I saw the juice paint markers and washi tapes I also went for blue. 🙂 But more on their use and my bullet journal later!

Pilot Juice Paint in blue - MT masking tape kamoi paper washi adhesive tape

As you can see I didn’t buy thaaaat much during our three-week trip. A heat wave (“Oh that looks cute but it’s too hot to try it on.”) and a full backpack really set me back in the beginning. However, the things I did buy are really amazing and I’ll remember them forever as the things I got from Japan. 😀

Do you also love to buy souvenirs you can use or wear afterwards, remembering a trip every time you do? 😀

xo Noor

I got it from Japan: black backpack

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  1. I really like the simple black backpack; the perfect minimal accessory to pair with outfits during any of the seasons – fab! Hope you had a lovely time in Japan and lovely to see what you brought back with you… besides memories! 🙂

    aglassofice.com x

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