Today’s post will be a little more personal because I will tell you 10 things you didn’t know about me. Even if you might get a good view of me through my blog posts, I think there are still some things you don’t know about me, so let’s have a look at them!

My laugh briefly had its own Facebook page

You might not think this from seeing pictures from behind your screen, but my laugh is loud, funny and weird. Back when everyone was making Facebook pages a friend of mine briefly made one about my laugh. We had quite a laugh when he told me about it. 😉

10 things you didn't know about me

Like my name I’m always positive

My name apparently is an Arabic word for light. I like to always look positively at the things, even though it’s not always that easy. I try to work on this with my gratitude journal. Regarding my name: my mum and I once (back in the nineties or so) looked up how many other ‘Noor’s were born in the year I was born and back then we found there were only 5 or 7 or so, but a few years ago it made it to the top ten list of most popular names in Belgium. I tried looking this up again now but I couldn’t find this data back tho.

Gameboards galore

We have this Ikea Kallax shelf with four units and we can squeeze three more small card or dice games in it and that’s really it. We have some groups with whom we love to play board games, so now I try to play all of our board games in 2018. We’re a tad behind schedule because of the good weather, but we’ll get there eventually, I hope. 😀

10 things you didn't know about me

Competitive could be my middle name…

Linked with the game board playing: I can be really competitive. I like to win, but I don’t mind losing, unless it’s from the boyf who will tell me he’s won and I’ve lost the whole evening. I had a team building a few weeks ago and my colleagues were surprised how competitive I was. Oops!

… but it’s not one of the three middle names I have

When I was born I was one of the few girls in Belgium with that first name. But still my mom wanted to give me a super unique name and name me after herself, my grandmother who was my godmother and my other grandmother. It really is a mouthful but of course I never use those other names.

10 things you didn't know about me

Always late

I can’t help it, but I’m al-ways late. Even when I’m wearing a watch. A few weeks ago we went to the zoo with the parents of the boyf and his brother and his girlfriend. The boyf’s brother would drive us and he wanted us to be at their apartment by 8.00, but he told the boyf to get there by 7.45. The boyf then told me we had to be there by 7.30. We (of course) were late (partly) because of me and arrived there at 8.00. Right on time, no?

Oatmeal lover

Ever since I discovered oatmeal for breakfast back during my university days I’ve been eating it on an almost daily basis. Usually warmed up, but when I was commuting to work by train I would have it cold so I could eat it on the train. Hate the overnight version tho! Things I put in it: chia seeds, grapes, dates, honey, cinnamon, cacao powder, peanut butter (only with the warmed up version), coconut oil, frozen cherries after the summer, … It never gets boring!

10 things you didn't know about me

Always cold

Besides being always late, people also know by now I get cold quite easily. Summer is by far my favorite season; the warmth, the happiness, the sitting outside eating and drinking something with friends, the barbecuing, … I could seriously live in a country like Brazil just for the weather. Been there, done that BTW, that’s how I know. 😉


So I live in Belgium where we speak Dutch, French and German, having Dutch as my mother tongue and French learned from my 10 years. We also learned English and German at school, but that last one didn’t stick really. I then went on an exchange to Brazil and learned to speak Portuguese, which I could dust off again Friday when a Brazilian friend visited Ghent, yay! I actually wanted to go to Italy on exchange because of the country and the language, so when I came back from Brazil and started university I decided to study Italian. I don’t know it that well because we didn’t have that much practice, but drop me off in Italy and I’ll survive.

Tea > coffee

Back at university I had to get my hands on caffeine to be able to study until late. Tried coffee but I seriously hated the smell and taste of it. I also tried the energy drinks but that didn’t work for me neither. OMG those splurges of energy I had were NOT good for me! That’s why and when I learned to drink tea and I haven’t quit ever since. A good cup of tea at breakfast can make such a difference to a day.

There’s so much we share online, but there were surprisingly many things I hadn’t shared yet. Which one of the ’10 things you didn’t know about me’ is the most surprising one? 😀

xo Noor

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