How is it actually even possible that the first five months of the year have already passed?! At the beginning of the year I’ve decided on my new year’s resolutions by putting together 18 things I want to do in 2018, with both one-time as weekly things. Since we’re almost halfway I think it’s time to make a balance on how everything is going. Some things are going super well, others not. I’ve selected four of both.
Update on the 18 things I want to do in 2018

  • Read 24 books

    So far I’ve already read 11 books, and busy reading number 12. Yep, you can say I’m quite on track. I started the year reading the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. I absolutely loved the way it was written so I finished the three books in two weeks or so, but I’ve seriously cried when I had finished the last book. And then again after having read “Four”. And then once more after having read the short story to kind of give a good ending to the series.>Another series I’ve read is Killing Commendatore by Haruki Murakami. Didn’t like it that much, but I had started reading so it’s kind of in my nature to finish reading it too.
    Update on the 18 things I want to do in 2018: read 24 books a year

  • Feel good in my body

    Over the past five months I’ve tried to feel better in my body and this week I noticed I’m on the right track. After several weeks of doubt I finally decided to buy a swimsuit. I hadn’t put one on in more than 10 years because I thought it would never look good on me. BUT I’ve put it on and actually fits! I’m not feeling comfortable enough to take a picture in it, but I do know I’ll wear it this summer.

  • Make three trips

    So far we have made a birthday trip to Normandy, and we have another (larger) trip planned. I still have to plan that third trip of 2+ days, but I’m quite certain I’ll get there. Any tips on where to go next? 😀
    Update on the 18 things I want to do in 2018: make three trips a year

  • Wear a dress/skirt once a week

    As with all of my 18 things to do in 2018 I tracked this one in my bullet journal. I must say this one goes really easy: until now I only skipped one week, in the other I always wore a skirt or a dress at least once. Most of the weeks it doesn’t feel like something I impose on myself at all.
    Update on the 18 things I want to do in 2018: one of the 10 OOTDs I want to blog in 2018

    Not all my new year’s resolutions go that well though, oops! There are more things going well than not, but I should not only focus on the good things. Here are the four things I can definitely work on:

  • Paint my nails every week

    Yeah well, this one is going amazingly bad. If it hadn’t been for the mirror nails I really wanted to try out, I would have painted my nails once every three weeks. So far for good intentions.
    Mirror, mirror on my nails. Essence Metal Shock Nail Powder review

  • Paint 10 paintings

    I’m once again stuck with a painting, resulting in just leaving it there. This seriously always happens with paintings in yellow ocher tints. My tube of paint in that color is empty now, so I’ll be less stuck from now on, I hope!

  • Fly in a hot air balloon

    Nope, after all these years I still have no plans to fly in a hot air balloon. One day, maybe. 😉

  • Blog 10 OOTD posts

    Surprise, surprise: one more of my dreams that isn’t going as planned. I’ve got this cool outfit planned, and I really just want to shoot that one before thinking about another one, so you might say I’m stuck here as well. It has been quite hot here lately, and the outfit is just too hot to wear on those days so I just didn’t have the courage to put it on and go outside in it. Again; one day maybe . 😉

Do you also have new year’s resolutions? How are they going? 😀

xo Noor

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