Summer is getting closer, which means that you can get that barbecue out again! I just love to get together, eat way too much, have a laugh. The weather is usually warm too, so the atmosphere is super relaxed and holiday-y. I’ve only tried once to barbecue myself (and it didn’t go that well…), so I was eager to learn a lot more about it during a barbecue workshop.

Non-stop Noor: The perfect barbecue

During the workshop I learned a lot. If you’re a newbie like me, that’s not that difficult of course. 😉 I’ve also picked up some ideas for when I’m organising my next BBQ, both regarding the food and the setting.

What to put on the barbecue?

During the barbecue workshop from Collishop I learned you can put much more than just meat and salmon (and bananas) on the barbecue. Cauliflower leaves, for example! The rest of the cauliflower you could use in a salad then. Or well, make a salad with cauliflower and use the leaves on the barbecue instead of throwing them away. 😉

Non-stop Noor: The perfect barbecue

I also learned you can change the way salmon tastes by putting it on a wet wooden plate and put it on the barbecue until it’s dry. You could even smell the change in the salmon pieces. I really want to try to get a hold of those wooden plates, just because it makes preparing salmon on the barbecue so easy too.

Non-stop Noor: The perfect barbecue

The perfect barbecue setting

Collishop invited us to Alix Table et jardin d’amis. I had already been there several times, so I knew that the place is pretty amazing. I mean, look at this garden!

Non-stop Noor: The perfect barbecue

Then Anne-Catherine from Clo Clo decorated the barn and it looked even better! The flowers, swinging chair and lemonade dispenser made all the difference. How cool does that hanging seat look, by the way? I would LOVE to have one of these on our terrace.


Next time I’ll organise a barbecue I’ll definitely also have a lemonade dispenser, by the way. We received a lemon verbena plant after the workshop, and I discovered you can make super tasty lemonade with it. Now let’s just hoooope the plant will survive until my next barbecue!

Non-stop Noor: The perfect barbecue

Thank you, Collishop, for the super fun workshop! I’ve had a lot of fun and learned some things about barbecuing along the way.

Non-stop Noor: The perfect barbecue

Do you love barbecues as much as I do? 😀

xo Noor


Photos taken by Ian Hermans

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