So far I have been working during two summers already and it still feels like I don’t have that much office proof clothes to wear. Back when I was studying at university I would only wear tops and dresses with spaghetti straps or straps that were a bit wider than that. Back in college it was not appropriate to wear those to school, and at work I now feel the same about them too. They just don’t seem like fitting for an office proof outfit anymore. The same goes with short dresses and skirts, open backs and flip-flops, tbh.

Non-stop Noor: Office proof in black & white

So now I have a lot of dresses and tops in my closet I don’t wear anymore, and I try to buy as many office proof clothes as I can. But it’s hard. Luckily there are still tops and dresses in my closet I can wear, for example this top. I bought it two years ago, in a period in which I would only buy white things. No idea why because it’s totally not spill proof (especially not for me)…

Non-stop Noor: Office proof in black & white

I would however only wear it with a jeans because I never had the right skirt to wear it with. But then this handy skirt I bought last winter came into play. It tends to shift a bit up every time I walk around, so not totally office proof, but it has pockets so I can quite easily shift it back down again. Seriously, now I think about it, dressing for work is so stressful for me!

Non-stop Noor: Office proof in black & white

I paired this black & white outfit with a small, black handbag, new super comfy sneakers, pearly earrings and a cuff. What I love about this cuff is that it actually fits around my wrist. I have tiny wrists and hands and almost every other bracelet I try on will end up hanging around the middle of my hand, which is not that ideal. There really should be sizes in jewelry too!

Non-stop Noor: Office proof in black & white

All in all, this outfit was perfect for the last week. The weather has been absolutely amazing (as long as you don’t have to sit in an office without  air conditioning). Luckily, when it gets too hot, some colleagues get brilliant ideas. Like taking an ice cream break, yay!

The sun really brings the good mood out in everyone. The boyf and I always have a lot of fun during our shoots, and especially when the weather is this good. Here I am playing with my shadow and laughing when the boyf looked at the picture and said it looked like I was smelling my armpit.

Non-stop Noor: Office proof in black & whiteNon-stop Noor: Office proof in black & white

Yep, I’m a big fan of sunny weather! Can’t wait for summer to arrive!

xo Noor

22 thoughts on “Office proof in black & white”

  1. I love this monochromatic look; so stylish! You have the cutest smile by the way babe! x

  2. I can relate, we can’t just wear anything in the office. It also gives me a dilemma every morning what to wear too although on summer I can wear any dress but I have to put on a jacket or cardigan over it. Nice content, have a great weekend.

    1. I always lose time looking for an outfit. I really should start planning my outfits in advance :’)

      xo Noor

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