Ever since I first started thinking about having my own blog I knew I wanted to put my yearly resolutions in it. It was a way of working on my bucket list and trying to improve my life at the same time. Ever since I shared my yearly resolutions every once in a while, but I never really mentioned anything about my complete bucket list. With the new lay-out of my blog I thought my bucket list should get a place on it too. 😀

Non-stop Noor: Explore, Dream, Discover

So from now on you can find my full bucket list at the top of the page. It’s a list of 150 things I want to do in my life (nope, not planning on doing this in 5 years’ time or so), and is divided in six categories:

  1. Travel
    Serious wanderlust, because it’s the longest category with 59 entries, oops!
  2. Skills
    There’s still so much to learn, and I hope I’ll be able to learn all of this!
  3. Sports
    Only 11 things on this list, but I think one of the hardest one is on here.
  4. Entertainment
    Or a fancier way of naming a “general” list.
  5. Personal
    Also a fancy way of naming a “general” list for things that didn’t belong in the “Entertainment” category.
  6. Food
    Duh. So many things I still have to eat!

As you can see I already completed some things, since I have this list for over five years now. But there’s still so much to do! 😀

Do you have a bucket list?

xo Noor

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