In my 2018 goals blog post I already mentioned I wanted to get my own domain. I’ve been thinking about it for over six months and I finally did it. The hardest part was changing my blog’s name, and I was doubting about that one until the moment I registered my domain name, but there’s no way back now! 😀

Non-Stop Noor: Good vibes only

Why “Non-Stop Noor”?

When I chose the name of my previous blog, I wasn’t planning on being the face of my blog. I really thought I would be showing pictures of my outfit, making collages of outfit ideas and really writing a lot. But that quickly changed, and I quickly felt that “Clothes & Dreams” was not a personal enough name. Besides that I wasn’t only interested in clothes & my resolutions, I also loved to talk about my travels, what happened in my life (the personal aspect again), some beauty stuff and even interior at times. So time to get personal and add my name in my blog’s name!

I love a good alliteration, so I had to find something starting with a “N”. The moment I stumbled on “Non-stop Noor” I was sold. An alliteration that perfectly sums up the whole idea of my blog! 😀 I chose for “Non-Stop Noor” because that’s simply who I am: I’m always myself and I won’t ever be someone I’m not. (sounds cliche, but yeah) I won’t stop wearing something I love because it is no longer fashionable nor will I wear (or blog about) something that I don’t like just because it’s fashionable. You see me how I non-stop am: a lover of certain clothing styles, certain beauty products, traveling, and much more. And a positive person, hence the quote in the picture. 😉

So, my first real post on my new blog. I’m super excited what you think about it! 😀

Xo Noor

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