Towards the middle of winter I always start looking forward to spring and (especially) summer. I’m seriously more of a summer girl than a winter girl, and this shows in my closet too. I barely have winter coats (bought a new skater coat this winter because my only other winter coat was getting all worn down) or warm, wool jumpers. When the cold hit multiple times this winter, I was SO glad I had finally bought my first wool jumper this winter. Winter fashion just doesn’t excite me as much as spring and summer fashion does. And some of the coming spring/summer trends really excite me.
Clothes & Dreams: My favorite S/S 2018 trends

Pencil skirts

Lately whenever I was window-shopping online I noticed how many cool pencil skirts there really are. Probably because they’ve become trendy again and thus sold more too! I’m not complaining, because I’ve got my eyes on some cool ones so I might end up following a trend, for once. 😃



A color that has really caught my attention is mustard. I’ve seen it come back in so many pieces already and I absolutely love it! The jacket I’ve bought has such a sunny feeling over it. Whether I wear it on sunny winter days or grey rainy days, it never feels like the weather is bad outside. 😄


Round bags

Do you ever come across a bag or a piece of clothing that you decide not to buy, but then it haunts your thoughts, but you can’t find it anymore? That’s what happened with a round bag with tassels I’ve seen in a Mango shop some weeks ago. Ever since I spotted more and more round bags in the shops.

Which season do you prefer fashion-wise? 😃 And what’s your favorite trend for spring/summer?

xo Noor

p.s. I’m not sponsored by Asos (though I’d love to be!); I just love the webshop and it has almost everything!

25 thoughts on “My favorite S/S 2018 trends”

  1. I'm such a big fan of mustard!! I used to hate yellowy tones on me but ever since mustard became a thing, I've been loving it! And I don't have a round beg but I do really want one, they're so pretty!

  2. Spring is the most fun because I am never as ready for a wardrobe change as I am after drab winter!! And, I'm loving the sunny colors and round bags are a fave. I haven't found my perfect one yet but I'm drooling over all the ones on insta and beyond! <3 Jamie

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