I’m one of those people who constantly writes things down in lists. Sometimes it’s hard not to lose the overview, but most of the time they’re super useful. Lately I’ve been keeping a list for things I’d love to have (maybe for my birthday by the end of the month 😉) and to be honest this one is so diverse I just had to share it. Seriously, if you want you know who I am, just look at this list! 

Clothes & Dreams: Current Wishlist: Good vibes only

Leuchtturm1917 bullet journal

In February 2017 I started bullet journaling and ever since I haven’t stopped with it! I’ve tried out several systems on an old striped notebook I still had lying around and now I know which things work best for me I’m ready to a real dotted bullet journal. Just need to finish my old one first. I’ve got my eyes on a classic Leuchtturm1917 dotted notebook, which seem to be a must for bullet journal lovers. Either way I’ll be rid of those striped lines, yay!

A year supply of Yves Rocher’s Elixir Jeunesse serum

I have a super sensitive skin due to my eczema, especially on my face, so it’s always difficult to find a product that works on my skin. I’m always on the lookout for products that moisturise my skin, so I don’t have dry patches on my skin that need heavy eczema products, and that don’t make me break out in a rash. Thanks to a marketing stunt of Yves Rocher who handed out samples of their products I found out their serum works on my skin! My bottle is almost empty so I’ll probably buy a year supply anytime soon! 

More boat shoes and sneakers

Even though it’s snowing at the moment, I just FEEL spring is getting closer. Time to get me some more boat shoes and sneakers for when the weather gets warmer and I’ll start walking to work again. So looking forward to that again! 

What Alice forgot – Lianne Moriarty

I’m a big sucker for Lianne Moriarty books. Whenever I see one of her books I just HAVE to buy it. I already bought Big Little Lies (before it was known a mini series was made about it!), Truly, Madly Guilty, and now The Last Anniversary. Of course I love some of her books more than others, but I loved reading all of them. I’ve seen What Alice forgot online a while ago, but for now it’s still only on my wish list. 


I’ve loved playing board games ever since I was a kid and now I’ve found some other board game lovers I get to spend a lot of time combining getting together with friends or family wile playing something fun. This board game I’ve already played several times at my aunt’s and I absolutely love it, so now I want to buy it so I can play it with my board game groups too.

A bunch of Tony Chocolonely

For obvious reasons, duh. 😉 

I’ve warned you this list would be super diverse. 😁 It does sum up perfectly all the things that currently interest me. I really do hope I can thick them off my list any time soon! 
Do you also have a bunch of lists or is that just me? 😄

xo Noor

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  1. This was such a fun read. I love Lianne Moriarty too! Big little lies was even better than What Alice Forgot in my opinion (though both were good reads!). Yes to good vibes and I'm thinking I would really enjoy bullet journaling too! Just where to start??? <3 Jamie


  2. I'm super excited to read it! Got my hands on a copy recently, but still finishing my other book. 😀

    I used the setup from bulletjournaling.com and then just did my own thing. That's the fun part of it really! 😀

    xo Noor

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