Truth be told, I would not know how to survive with my smartphone anymore. On an average day I think I unlock my phone 50 times or so.😅 And not only to contact someone, but mostly to open one app or another. If you’re wondering why I use certain apps, and maybe find some apps that you could use too, do read on!😄

Clothes & Dreams: Why I use certain apps: VSCO, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapseed, Monefy, Planoly, Fitbit, Stocard, ASOS, Zalando

p.s. This was me in Bordeaux, trying to figure out what we could do in the city. I was SO happy the roaming was finally banned!😃 

Now to why I use certain apps…

A uniform feed

I already loved using VSCO because it had other filters than Instagram, but then I discovered that you can simply copy paste the changes you’ve made to one picture to the rest of the same series. Seriously, since using this my feed looks way more uniform than every before. Not saying my feed looks on fleek all the time, but it definitely helps!


General inspiration

I spend at least 5mins a day on Pinterest, mostly to kill time, while getting inspiration on clothing, interior and nail art trends. I noticed that if I spend some time on the app on a daily basis I get inspired and my profile gets followed more too, so it’s a win-win!


Following interesting and funny people

Lately I haven’t been using Instagram that much anymore. I’m just tired of the whole algorithm and the cheating by so many users. One social media that doesn’t disappoint is Twitter. I love scrolling through it, reading through snippets of text that make me think, laugh or wonder. I’ve already discoverd quite some interesting people on there!

Small picture changes

Ever made that one picture where one side has perfect light and the other side is a bit too dark? Or the other way round? Fixing something like that is actually the only reason why I use Snapseed, but still I would never ever remove it from my phone!

A healthy budget

Ever since the boyf and I started living together, I’m keeping track of my finances with the Monefy app. It’s  become a habit to put whatever I bought in my phone, and after almost two years it’s super interesting to look at the statistics. Those statistics I had to put together myself, but it was so much worth it. I feel so adult now that I say that a finance app is one of my favourite apps!😃

Easy Instagram scheduling

Whenever I’m on a roll and have a bunch of Instagram content to plan, I plan it with Planoly. I’ve tried some other apps, but this one lets you easily change your future feed until you’re happy. You can also set reminder as to when you would like to post a picture and even plan your caption.

Activity tracking

As you could read in my Fitbit Flex2 review I’m crazy about my activity tracker. Though you can clearly see in my stats it’s Winter, I still use the app on a daily basis. The reason, as you could also read in the review, is that I have to update it daily or my stats tend to get messed up. I update it every morning so I can see how well I slept en notice if I didn’t reach my goal the previous day. So that bug might actually be a good thing.

A less full/heavy wallet

I used to have twenty fidelity cards in my wallet, but now I’ve put them all in my Stocard app and have a less heavy hand bag, so that’s a win-win! It’s super easy to use, though not all scanners read the barcodes that well, but that’s not something that can’t be fixed of course.

Easy online shopping

I’ve already downloaded a LOT of shopping apps, but the ASOS and Zalando ones are by far the easiest to use. That’s probably why I use them so much too.😄 I barely use my laptop anymore to shop on their websites, woops.

When starting to write this blog post I had the idea to show you my top 5 apps. That didn’t work out as planned. 😁 It made me realize how many apps I actually use on a daily basis. 

xo Noor

12 thoughts on “My favourite apps”

  1. You have some great apps on your phone – VSCO is one of my favourites too and I love the sound of the app that helps you plan your Instagram feed! x

  2. Leuk om te lezen, heel wat herkenbare apps die ik zelf ook gebruik en fan van ben. VSCO gebruik ik zelf niet, geen idee dat je zo makkelijk altijd dezelfde filter kan gebruiken!

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