The past few months have flown by! Ever since the cold came around, I spent my week evenings reading under a blanket or playing board games with the boyf, recovering from super fun weekends filled with friends and family. Oh and we had snow, which I absolutely LOVED!

Clothes & Dreams: Instadiary

We had snow!

Yes, that’s quite something here! Especially if it snows as much as it has a few weeks ago. I absolutely loved it! I went outside during my lunch breaks, just to see the city covered in a white layer. We also went to the Ardennes for a weekend and the snowy view from our cabin was so nice too!

Clothes & Dreams: Instadiary: snow in Belgium

We visited various cities in Belgium

I sometimes forget how pretty Belgium can be. I’ve visited various cities (Antwerp, Brussels, Kortrijk and Leuven for example) and was again amazed by their beautiful places.  

Clothes & Dreams: Instadiary: citytripping around Belgium: Antwerp, Brussels, Kortrijk and Leuven


I put together a full outfit for less than โ‚ฌ100

I tried putting together an outfit that would cost less than โ‚ฌ100 and was completely bought online. I actually succeeded too!

Clothes & Dreams: Instadiary: outfit under โ‚ฌ100


I stayed inside

Autumn for me meens walking in the woods, the leaves falling from the trees, the weather getting colder and… staying more inside. Just give me a good book, the Christmas tree to decorate or some beauty stuff to play around with and I’m a happy girl too!

Clothes & Dreams: Instadiary: staying inside

What I love about these instadiaries is that I can look back on the past few weeks; I always feel so thankful because of it. 

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What was the most fun moment of your last two months?

xo Noor

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