2017 went so fast! I still remember celebrating NYE last year, and here we are again, ready for 2018! I’ve had many dreams at the beginning of 2017, some more difficult than others, and even though most of them didn’t turn out successful, I’ve learned a lot of them. Get ready for a quick ‘fly’ over my 2017 new year’s resolutions.😏

Clothes & Dreams: Dreams of 2017: the results

♡ Work out at least twice a week

I really wanted this one to work out, but I’ve been struggling with my knees for half of the year. It really sucks, because I found someone who wanted to run with my starting from scratch and we had fun, but after five weeks I had to call it quits. I’m gonna see a doctor soon, so hopefully I’m back to running soon. And otherwise I’ll have to see if I can do something else in the meantime.😊

♡ Run four races

This one didn’t work out neither because of that injury. I already had three races planned, so if my body hadn’t been this difficult on me, I would have aced this dream for sure!

♡ Fly in a hot air balloon

This year it didn’t work out (again). I just can’t seem to remind myself to book a flight until it’s too late. I’ll have to get my mum in the game so she can help me remind ourselves to book a flight.

♡ Read one book a month

11/12, yay! I can’t remember why I haven’t read anything in June, probably just because the temperatures were rising and I was out more than I was at home reading. Autumn and winter are of course much better for staying inside and reading, so if you agree you really should check out my Books to read when it’s too cold outside blog post.😉 I’m so glad I had this dream, because in 2018 I’m gonna continue reading!

♡ Gratitude journal

Sometimes I kept it up, other months I didn’t. This is still something I want to pay more attention to though because I feel it really makes me feel more grateful and happier. 😃

♡ Finish one painting a month

Except for the first three months of 2017 where I kind of didn’t have the courage to start going, I started in April and I loved it! My paintings are sometimes quite simple, but I just love how I can get lost in finding the right atmosphere, the right composition, the right colours… I certainly will be painting more in 2018! 😄

♡ Social media detox

Damn this was hardddd! Once a month I would not use any social media at all. I had not imagined this to be this hard, but I’m glad I got to see what an impact it has on my life. It also made me look differently to other people’s social media behavior.

♡ Blog every week

It was super quiet here in August and September, but besides that I kept up a good pace! I have missed some weeks, but thanks to my bullet journal where I planned posts and collected inspiration I could publish 31 posts. Yay! Nothing beats 2013 (113, what?!) or 2014 (double of this year), but I think once a week is good in my current situation. Back then I had more spare time and didn’t spend days indoors working. Especially now in winter the lack of daylight made it more difficult to show my OOTD’s!😔

♡ 5k followers on Instagram

To get to 5k followers on Instagram I would have to cheat, I think. Especially with the amount of time I only want to spend on it. I could care no less about my followers anymore, tbh. I know how I could cheat my way to that number, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable with it. Instead I loved focusing on having a nice feed, preferably with a colour theme. At one point a friend of mine even noticed this, so sometimes I succeed, and it actually made me quite proud.😃

How have your new year’s resolutions of 2017 turned out? 😃

xo Noor

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