We’re only a few weeks away from Christmas and I still haven’t bought any presents. Every year I try to start this earlier than end of November, but despite the reminders in my phone and calendar I never succeed. If you’re exactly like me and have no idea what to buy your family or friends, I’ve got you covered!


For that one person that never arrives on time
I used to never wear watches, but ever since I bought my Daniel Wellington I wear them almost every day. Sometimes I forget to put one on and then I regret it the whole day long. For those who know me well they will now think I’m still fashionably late even though I wear watches, but really I have improved! 😀 Besides my DW I also own a slimmer Casio watch and an embellished Champion watch. That last one I only wear in Summer or on parties because it’s so shiny. 😉 Really, I can only recommend buying a watch: you can find quite some discounts at the moment and a (first) watch doesn’t have to cost that much.

For the sporty spice in your family
I’ve noticed how more and more people I know buy a Fitbit activity tracker. I’m guilty of this myself (oops), but I’m so glad I did! If your sibling is a sporty spice who wants to track activities, heartbeats or sleep patterns, this is the perfect gift. And if you both have a Fitbit tracker, you can compete against each other. A little competition is healthy, and it certainly is in this case. Besides that you can also buy necklaces and bracelets to pit you tracker in. Stylish and sporty!

For your mum who loves to discover new places
Make your own city guide of a city you both love (or the one you live and) and convince her to take you with her when she decides to use the guide. Win-win: you get to visit your favourite places, she gets to visit her new favourite places. 

For your dad who loves puzzles
If your dad loves sudokus and Rubik’s Cube he’ll certainly love a combination of both: the sudokube. I recently discovered this and I think it looks sooo cool! I’m just not that good at solving Rubik’s cubes so I’ll leave it to a more puzzle-loving person instead.😉


For that person that loves a bit of competition
A nice board game is always a fun idea! I love getting together with family (and friends) and play a board game or a cards or dice game. And what better way to spend time with your family at home without sitting in front of the TV together? It’s hard to say which games are my favourite (because I have so many!), but either way Ticket to Ride, Colonists of Catan and Power Grid are amongst my favourites. 😃

And for everyone else: send them a Christmas card and write (yes, write!) a sweet/funny/throwback message to them. 

xo Noor

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