Lately I’ve spotted several trends I’m absolutely loving. Usually the winter trends aren’t my cup of tea (more of a summer girl here!), but this winter I’ve already seen quite some cool stuff coming up! Today I’ll show you my top three favorite trends of the moment.😄

Tassel earrings
For starters I’ll talk about an awesome accessory trend. I’ve seen some tassel earring in shops already and some super cool, multi-layered ones on Instagram yet, so now I’m constantly looking to find a pair like that. Some cool ones I’ve spotted online:

Teddy coats
This is a trend I’ve seen a few times on the street already. These coats just look so extremely comfy and warm, exactly what I need in the winter! If I would have one of these, I would probably never take it off again!

Pearl sweaters
I’m a big lover of pearls: pearl earrings, pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets… And now comes a new pearl item I’m absolutely loving: pearl sweaters. I love how the pearls give some extra texture to the sweater. The ones with pearls on top of your shoulders will probably be super annoying when wearing a bag, but they look amazing!


I’m still on the lookout for the perfect pieces of these trends, but I’ll probably buy the River Island tassel earrings anyway. They seem great to wear on New Year’s Eve!😃 What’s your favourite trend of the season?

xo Noor

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