I’ve always been an avid reader: whenever I could, I would be reading. During my studies I lost my appetite for reading: being forced to read certain well known books that didn’t interest me at all was horrible for me. After having finished studying I didn’t take up a book as much as I would want to, but this changed when I made reading one book a month one of my dreams for 2017. Over the last ten months I (re)read some really good books, which would be perfect to read this winter, under a blanket and with a hot chocolate.😉

Clothes & Dreams: Books to read when it's too cold outside

Liane Moriarty
I would like to start of with two books of Liane Moriarty, whom I discovered by accident. I was in the book shop, having to spend a voucher I got from the boyf’s mum for my birthday. Her book Truly Madly Guilty was on display and I took it, read the back and was interested. I really finished it in a day; it was just so good! Afterwards I got one of her other books, Big Little Lies, from the library and I ended up buying both books. She really deserves this, and I want them lying around when I will finally have forgotten how the story goes so I can reread them.Trust me, you will want to finish these books the minute you’ve started them, especially Truly Madly Guilty!

Jonas Jonasson – The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared
Next up is a book that I’ve read a few times now and that I always recommend to anyone. I found this book in the book shop because I thought the title was weird. It really does sum up the whole book though. The story is about this hundred-year-old-man and his adventures, and I think it’s a super funny book because it’s full of things that simply cannot happen in real life.

Clothes & Dreams: Books to read when it's too cold outside

Romain Puértolas – The girl who swallowed a Cloud as big as the Eiffel Tower
This is such a feel good book; it’s funny, it’s weird, it’s sad, and above all it’s unexpected. You can’t describe it, just read it and you’ll understand. 

Daniel Cole – Ragdoll
I first noticed this thriller because of its cover. Just like a ragdoll you could see how the book was sewn together. The book lover in me was super intrigued already! I wanted to rent it from the library first, and after reading it, I just want to buy it. Unfortunately I can’t find this particular version in shops anymore and I don’t feel like risking buying a normal version of it… But it’s not only worth buying because of the cover; the story is exciting, a real race against time which keeps you just wanting to read on.

Markus Zusak – The book thief
I’ve bought this bpok after hearing a lot of positive comments about it, which I can only agree with. The book has a surprising narrator: Death. It gives an interesting take on the story itself. Quite a big book, but after reading it three times I feel like it was worth it every single time .

I might say these are my all time favourite books. Have you already read any of them? If not: take a blanket, pour some hot chocolate and enjoy!😃

xo Noor

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