The last few years, I’ve barely checked in my luggage when I flew. For longer trips overseas I would always check in my luggage. However, when we went to Croatia for ten days we decided to travel with hand luggage only. And last weekend when we went to Crete we could fit everything in a hand luggage suitcase, even with all the clothes I brought. If you’re planning on travelling with hand luggage only any time soon, I’ve got five tips for you.

Clothes & Dreams: 5 tips for travelling with hand luggage only

1. Save your testers
Sometimes you get a free tester when you buy a magazine or perfume or when you go to the pharmacist. I always try to keep those for when I’m traveling. Instead of messing around with shampoo that needs to be put in one of those travel bottles, it’s so easy to simply use a tester (or two or three). It’s also good for the weight of your suitcase, because you won’t bring too many bottles with you, which you barely will use completely. Another advantage is that you won’t spill shampoo or hair cream that easily because they haven’t been opened yet.

2. Roll it
A tip I got from a friend of mine is to roll up your clothes. There will be less wrinkles and you won’t have to dig into your suitcase to get that particular dress, because it’s much easier to find your stuff. When I first traveled with hand luggage only I didn’t wear certain things because they were wrinkled. Now I wouldn’t mind wrinkled clothes, but I do like that I can find that certain shirt way quicker too, without making my suitcase look like a mess and wrinkling all of my clothes.

3. Wear heaviest pieces of clothing on the plane

Might seem like a logical thing to do, but its saves place and weight when you wear as many of your heaviest pieces as you can on the plane. I once wore my super heavy dungarees, a skirt on top of it, 7 tops and tees and a sweater during a flight back home. We hadn’t really bought that much (some presents and souvenirs), but when you leave your suitcase is a lot messier than when you arrive, and chances are it won’t close anymore. That’s how you end up wearing a lot of clothes on a plane. 😉

Clothes & Dreams: 5 tips for travelling with hand luggage only

4. Stuff it
When you’re travelling with a smaller suitcase, you will want to use all available space, so filling up as much dead space as possible is necessary. Taking a pair of sneakers in your suitcase? You can easily fill them with socks. Still got some space left in them? Put your jewelry in a small plastic bag and put them in the top of your sneakers, before the socks. Your jewelry won’t be able to escape during the flight and you’ve filled as much space as you can. Besides sneakers, you can also fill up things like your beauty case and handbags. 

5. Mix & match your basics
When I first travelled with hand luggage only, I took ten different outfits with me, only to end up wearing half of them. It’s better to start with basics and mix & match them. Remember those dungarees I talked about? I wore them with a black top, which I then wore another day with a simple jeans shorts, which I could easily pair with another top I brought. That black top I then wore a third time when we went swimming and I didn’t want to wear a fresh top above my bikini top when it would have been wet after swimming. Bring some jewelry with you, so even a simple black top can look amazing.

These are my 5 tips I’m always curious to know how other people travel with hand luggage only. Do you have any other tips?

xo Noor

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  1. Reizen met alleen handbagage is zo handig. Vind wachten op koffers echt vreselijk na een vlucht haha. Handige tips!

  2. These are really great tips! I just got back from vacation, during which I bought a LOT of clothes. On the way back, I kept them folded as they looked so neat. But when I unpacked, they were really horribly wrinkled. I will definitely roll them next time, because I hate ironing! Thanks for the reminder. 😉
    xo, janea

  3. These are the best tips. I actually do all of them & it definitely has revolutionised how I carry my luggage. It works for checked luggage too! But how much easier is it to have just hand luggage? If only I knew how to cut down on packing… haha
    Thanks for sharing!

    TFM Life & Style blog

  4. Travelling with hand luggage only is so convenient! Rolling your clothes is a very good tip 🙂 I actually have never travelled with hand luggage only I think.

  5. Vroeger gebruikte ik die steeds in het dagelijkse leven, maar na een uitgelopen fles shampoo tijdens een reis met een gewone valies viel mijn frank dat ik die beter zou opsparen. 🙂

    xo Noor

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