I can’t believe we’re already at the end of April! It really seems like yesterday we were celebrating the new year. Over the past months I’ve tried hard to work on my dreams of 2017. I‘ve encountered some bumps on the road, but I’m not giving up on them yet. Some dreams are going relatively well, while others haven’t had that much attention yet. 

Work out at least twice a week
There were some bumps on the road, e.g. a knee injury that doesn’t seem to go away, but when I could work out I worked out at least twice a week. I‘m training to go running again, but I think it will take a while before I can get back to my former physique. I’m also thinking about walking more to my job so my knee gets more training, but then I would have to leave the apartment sooner than I‘m doing now. I just have to get out of bed sooner, but it’s not that easy to adjust to that. Adjusting to laying in bed 30mins after the boyf got out of it was so much easier! 😉

♡ Run four races

See point number 1. Working on that knee first.

Fly in a hot air balloon
My father has said that he would love to fly in a hot air balloon again one day, so me flying in a hot air balloon is closer than ever before. 

♡ Read one book a month
I’ve been acing this goal, really. I’ve reread some books and discovered some new ones. My latest discovery: Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty. I’ve been so into this book that I didn’t even notice my boyf eating my chocolate, only half a meter away from me. I’ve also renewed my subscription to the nearby library, which is also near to my job, so I’m planning on getting more books there. It feels so good to have taken up reading again! 

♡ Gratitude journal

I haven’t been writing down anything, but I do tell the things I‘m grateful for to myself each evening. I know writing things down would be even better, but it’s a start. It has actually become some kind of habit to think about it before going to bed. From now on I’ll be working on writing things down.