Spring has officially arrived and I couldn’t be happier! I’m much more of a Summer girl, who loves warm weather and rays of sunshine on her skin. Spring is one step closer to that weather after the cold of Winter, so needless to say I always look forward to this season. And with a new season of course also comes new clothing styles. No more layering, no more wool scarves, no more high boots. Instead, a lot of new trends have arrived! Here are some of my favourites.

Bow lace sneakers

A trend I already talked about in my Birthday Wishlist is the Puma Basket Heart type of sneakers. I just looooove this type of sneaker, even though I’m usually not that into sneakers. What I love about them is that they give it a feminine twist, which could be just the detail your outfit needs. 

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A second S/S 17 trend I want to talk about are tulle skirts. I’ve seen them around on Instagram a bit and now that Spring and its warmer weather have arrived, I bet you will see them even more, and in real life too! I’ve had a tulle skirt in my wardrobe for ages and I have been wearing it way too little, but I definitely plan on wearing it more. I‘ve already been thinking about outfits with it, as you could see on my Instagram page. 😉


Stripes! Stripes everywhere!

Stripes may seem like something that never really goes out of style, but I believe that this season you will see them even more than before. I’ve got a lot of striped tops and tees in my wardrobe, but still I can’t control myself when I find yet another lovely striped garment. It’s been like this ever since I was a teenager and I predict it won’t go away any time soon.



Fishnet socks

I’ve seen this trend on countless blogs lately and I even tried it too, as you could see in my
Denim & Fishnet Socks OOTD. It might seem like a small detail, but it might just as well be that finishing touch in your outfit.


Kitty heels

This is a trend I absolutely love! I’m no fan of wearing high heels because there’s a lot of cobblestones in Ghent, so I prefer walking on flats or shoes with a low heel. Enter the kitty heels! I’ve bought a pair last Summer and I’ve been living in it the following months. Walking on cobblestones in those shoes is still not that easy, but I no longer chose to wear flats out of fear of coming across some while walking around in Ghent. Can’t wait to see (/buy) more heels like those this Summer!

As you may see, I already own most of my favourite trends of S/S 17, guess that’s why they’re my favourites. 😉 Now, what would then be on my wishlist? Definitely the bow lace sneakers, striped clothes and more kitty heels. I will keep you posted if I happen to lay my hands on any of those!

What is your favourite trend of S/S 17?

xo Noor

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