Can you imagine it’s been only a little over two months since 2017 started?! I don’t mind March having arrived, though. It’s my birthday month, so I’m always a bit more excited when that month arrives. Even though coming together with the family is what I love most about my birthday, I can’t deny I don’t like the presents part, tbh. Over the years, it got harder and harder to come up with something whenever someone wanted to buy me something. The past few months, however, I kept a list of all the lovely things I saw or heard about that would make a good birthday present for me. Now I’m finally prepared for those kind of questions! 😀

Clothes & Dreams: Birthday Wishlist: Puma Basket Heart sneakers and selfie light for my smartphone
Puma – Alibaba

Ever since I laid eyes on these awesome Puma Basket Heart sneakers, I’ve been thinking about buying this type of sneaker. To be honest, any sneaker with those kind of laces is on my birthday wishlist, it doesn’t even have to be from Puma.
Besides that, a selfie light for my smartphone would come in suuuuper handy! I barely ever take selfies because the light is quite bad here in the appt, resulting in bad quality pictures. Selfies with friends on a night out mostly result in me saying “Let’s take your phone, mine doesn’t take good selfies with bad light.” Needless to say that this one here would be used A LOT.

Clothes & Dreams: Birthday Wishlist: a surprise trip and a bullet journal notebook

Another idea I came across with was as a surprise trip with the boyf or with some friends. You know those trips where you arrive at the airport and you have no idea where you’re going? That would be SUCH a cool birthday gift. I would really like to travel somewhere, since my last real trip was in September 2015 and I would certainly not mind traveling like this!
Recently, I’ve started a bullet journal in an old notebook and ever since I can’t live without it anymore. I’ve never had such a good planner, because it lets me plan all kind of things without having to fill my usual agenda with all sorts of notes. I’ve read the Leuchtturm 1917 is a good bullet journal, but actually any similar notebook would do. As long as it is not lined, as my current one is. Sometimes these lines come in handy, but when I want to draw something, they mess up my page, imo. 

Clothes & Dreams: Birthday Wishlist: a flower delivery subscription and a camera tripod

 Bloomon –


Last year, the boyf and I went to the flower market from time to time, and I would love to do this again. Flowers in the house give it such a nice and happy touch! However, a flower delivery subscription would also be very welcome. Sometimes we just didn’t feel like going outside last year, or we didn’t want to make time to get those flowers, so it would certainly make things easier.
And last but not least I would like to have a camera tripod. A small and simple one, like this one from would be perfect. I already have a lot of ideas I would use it for, for example for pictures for a nail art tutorial. Heck, maybe I might even film those tutorials! This present would be the only blog related one, and it would actually be the first time I would get (or buy) something I would use solely for my blog. You might have already noticed I’m posting more blog posts, so I’m certainly getting more into blogging again!

That’s that for my birthday wishlist. Of course I would love to get a surprise that’s not on this list too. A hug and a meet up would just as well be a perfect gift. But if someone would like to buy me something and they don’t have any idea, I would show them this list.
What would be your perfect birthday present? 

xo Noor

First picture from Tell Love & Party.

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