Clothes & Dreams: My Nail Care Routine

Before I used nail care products, my nails would break so easily. Blaming the use of nail polish is an easy response to that, but I started to realise not using the right products might be just as important. Whether or not you wear nail polish, your nails should be just as much care for as your skin. Today I’ll share my nail care routine with you, in which I’ll show you how I try to get as strong nails as possible.

Taking of your nail polish
This one is so important! Don’t go rubbing your nails with a tissue when you take your nail polish off. Back in 2014 I wrote about how you can take off your nail polish with cotton balls and I still use this routine. It’s so easy and won’t damage your nails too much! 
Clothes & Dreams: My Nail Care Routine: taking off nail polish with cotton balls
Another thing I would recommend is using aceton free nail polish remover. Remover with aceton will remove your nail polish quicker, but it will also dry out your nails. You want to avoid that, yes. 😉
Filing your nails
This one seems like a weird point of attention, but I really believe it’s worth paying attention to. To start, I always use a glass file from Kiko. They’re more gentle and they allow you to file back and forth without breaking your nail, like disposable cardboard ones will do. I hate cutting my nails because I feel like it breaks them.
Clothes & Dreams: My Nail Care Routine: glass nail file Kiko
Just like you put on a daily day cream to moisturise your face, you should moisturise your nails. I already use The Body Shop’s almond hand and nail cream every day or so as a hand cream, but when I’m not wearing nail polish, I also use it on my nails. Besides that I love using a nail serum when I’m not wearing nail polish. Mine is from Hema, but there are plenty of other brands selling them too.
When I am wearing nail polish, I still make sure my nails stay hydrated by putting on some cuticle oil. You might want to avoid using this before putting on nail polish, since it will make your polish stick less to your nail, but after having applied nail polish it’s the best. Cleaning up your nails with nail polish remover after having them painted will leave them slightly dehydrated, so putting oil on your cuticles is a wise step.
Clothes & Dreams: My Nail Care Routine: The Body Shop hand and nail cream, Hema Cuticle Oil, Hema Nail Serum

I always want my nails to be as long as possible and this nail care routine does the trick for me. The first impression is very important and I believe well cared for nails will help with this, whether or not you’re wearing nail polish. Besides that, having well-groomed nails at all times will make you look that bit more dressed up at all times.

Clothes & Dreams: My Nail Care Routine


Do you have any other nail care tips? 😀
xo Noor

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