Clothes & Dreams: Instadiary
Since my last Instadiary two months ago I’ve been posting quite a lot on Instagram. Somehow I got more excited about taking pictures specifically for my Instagram and, well, you can see that. 😀 Let’s have a look at what I’ve been posting!

Clothes & Dreams: Instadiary: This trench's a keeper
First of all, I’ve been posting about my latest outfit in my trench coat. The best pictures from the shoot actually were those where I wasn’t posing. On the bottom left picture, for example, I was just casually turning around, waiting until the boyf was ready to take more pictures, when a couple passed by and was looking like I was acting crazy. Awkward!
Clothes & Dreams: Instadiary: lightbox mantras
I also showed you some of my lightbox mantras I’ve been putting up lately. I love to change them every now and then, even though GOOD VIBES ONLY is my favourite one!
Clothes & Dreams: Instadiary: nail arts
I’ve also been painting my nails! I actually went further than just painting my nails in a plain colour, like every time I painted my nails, which has been a pretty long time ago. 
Clothes & Dreams: Instadiary: new running gear
I’ve also bought new running gear, which was well-needed, really. Because of the colder weather I haven’t been running a lot, but I did go squashing. Will put these new goodies to good use soon, though, now the weather has gone warmer again.
Clothes & Dreams: Instadiary: sweet toothing
All things sweet, yes, that too! 😀 Going from me-time, to quality time with friends or with the boyf. Nothing better to beat those Winter blues!
Clothes & Dreams: Instadiary: redescovering my knuckle ring collection
I’ve rediscovered my knuckle ring collection, and we have been quite inseparable ever since. Oops! 
Clothes & Dreams: Instadiary: let's go to the beach beach
 I went to the beach. Twice. It was 2°C and misty. Twice. It had been aaaaages since I last went to the beach, and now the two times I went the weather was crap. The wind through my hair and hearing the calming sound of the waves did make up for that, though.
Clothes & Dreams: Instadiary: NYE outfit
You might have already read about my NYE outfit, or seen it on my Instagram, because I’m so happy with the pictures I had to post a lot about them. This was actually one of those few times the sun was shining bright and I could actually take decent pictures in my appt. Hopefully the weather will stay as sunny as it is now, because it makes shooting pictures soooo much easier! 😀
Of course I’ve been posting tons of other pictues on my Instagram too. You should definitely go check them out on my Instagram page @clothesndreams 😉
xo Noor

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