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I used to be an avid online shopper. Clothes, nail art supplies, plants, … I really bought a lot online. But somehow I grew tired of buying online, partly because it may take quite some time until the good arrives (think eBay) or the good doesn’t work (an e-book). Recently I discovered Zalando, and I fell in love with online shopping again.

It all started when I got a discount for Zalando, around the time I needed a dress for the holidays. I was surprised by the affordable, yet classy dresses they had. I ended up buying a black cocktail dress from Oasis, one with the best sleeves. 😀
Clothes & Dreams: Shoplog Zalando: Oasis cocktail dress
Even though I bought it in size 36, it was a bit large and I actually feel that I could have fit a size 34 too. However, with all the eating going on on Christmas parties and new year’s eve parties I was happy I didn’t have to think about my food baby. 😉 And it’s the perfect party dress on NYE, since you can dance all you want in it, trust me.
Clothes & Dreams: Shoplog Zalando: Oasis cocktail dress
I paired the dress with my New Look clutch, Casio watch and River Woods boots.
Clothes & Dreams: Shoplog Zalando: Oasis cocktail dress


On the occasions I was wearing this outfit, I always forgot to take pictures of it. I decided to take some pictures of it myself, since it would be dark when the boyf would get home from work. Even though I’ve done this so much when I first started blogging, it proved to be quite difficult to shoot these pictures myself. Lesson learned: shoot the outfit when you wear it! 😀

Have you ever bought something on Zalando? 😀

xo Noor

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