Clothes & Dreams: Dreams for 2017

Whow, where did time go? Feels like yesterday when 2016 arrived! And with a new year of course come new year’s resolutions! I didn’t pay that much attention to last year’s resolutions, so I’ll try to do better this year. Last year was so full of everything and adjustments, but right now I feel much more motivated to pay more attention to my resolutions, my blog, everything, … Soooo are you curious what I’m up to this year? 😀

♡ Work out at least twice a week
This was one of last year’s resolutions, but this year I know I will see this one happening! I used to see working out only as going running, but recently I took up Blogilates again, so when combining my weekly run with Blogilates I should ace this resolution!

♡ Run four races
Last year’s resolution was running a half marathon. I ran two 10k races instead, but I guess that’s not quite what I meant with that half marathon. 😉 I must admit, coming from running 5k every two weeks in December 2015 to a half marathon in 2016 was a bit too much, so the race running resolution for this year is more doable. I already have two races planned and two races that are still a ‘maybe’, but I’m definitely going for this resolution! 😀
♡ Fly in a hot air balloon
This one is also from last year, and I realllllly hope I get to do this one this year! Last year was so full of everything that I forgot it until the weather got colder. Not this year! (I hope 😉 )
 ♡ Read one book a month
I’ve always been a vivid reader, but lately I’ve been lacking time and will to read. The library is so close to the appt, but still I blame the high prices for books (yes, they’re really so so so expensive!) to take up reading again. Tomorrow I’ll go to the library and get myself one book, and whenever I have to hand it in again, I’ll just go and find myself another book. One book a month should be peanuts this way. 😉

♡ Gratitude journal
Back when I still lived at home I had a thank you booklet and every day I would write down three things I was thankful for. Even on the worst days ever I had to write down three things, how hard that even was. I’m planning to buy a new booklet and start this again, because sometimes I just forget everything I should be thankful for and focus on the negativity instead. Positive mindset for the win!

♡ Finish one painting a month
… even if it sucks. I’ve started painting again now I finally have the space and good lighting again, but I never finished a painting because every time I thought it was rubbish. I will invest time and effort in painting again, and finis it by the end of the month.

♡ Social media detox
I’m a vivid user of social media, but sometimes I feel like it gets too much attention from me. I’ve already written down the twelve days in 2017 I won’t use social media at all, and I feel excited and scared at the same time!

7 is a lucky number, so I’ll stop there with my personal resolutions. I would just like to add two blog related resolutions: 
♡ Blog every week
♡ Have 5k followers on Instagram
I’m quite optimistic here, but let’s go for it! 😀

Unlike last year’s resolutions, this year’s are more spread throughout the year. It feels less like a bucket list, more like creating habits. Let’s see on January first of 2018 how they went! 😀

Do you have any new year’s resolutions? 😀
xo Noor

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