Last weekend I went to London for a day with some friends. Besides the cold weather and the early wake-up, we had a lot of fun! One day is not that much time to see such an amazing city, but here are my tips for you.Following this route, you can get to see the most iconic things, next to a different part of London.
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We started close to the underground station Embankment. Here you can have a wonderful view of the London Eye. I had already been to London twice, but it was the first time I had that point of view and I absolutely LOVED it!
Clothes & Dreams: Travels: One Day in London: London Eye
Next we crossed the Golden Jubilee Bridge and took The Queen’s Walk, so we passed next to the London Eye. You actually walk towards the Big Ben, so you have a great view on it. Then we crossed the Westminster Bridge, so we had the Big Ben on our left side. There’s so much to see around the Parliament Square, but me and my friends had had a tour some years ago so we didn’t feel like visiting anything here.
Clothes & Dreams: Travels: One Day in London: Big Ben
If you leave Westminster Square on your left and continue walking straight on, you will get to the St. James Park. If you cross it, you can see the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace.  It’s a really nice park with lots to see in and around it, so if you have more time, it’s seriously worth staying there longer. 
Instead of seeing the changing of the guards (again), we decided to go to Camden Town because there’s such a great atmosphere there. There are plenty of different food stalls, so everyone can choose what he wants to eat. Besides that, there are hundreds of stands with jewelry, phone cases, clothing, sunglasses, bags, things for in the home… Really everything! I bought my wooden phone case there, featuring (of course) the world map. Now you can even see my constant wanderlust urge on my phone.
Clothes & Dreams: Travels: One Day in London: world map wooden phone case
After having had lunch and shopped a bit at Camden Town, we went towards Piccadilly Circus, right on Regent Street. Since we didn’t have that much time left, we didn’t really go shopping, but there are so many awesome shops there! For starters, M&M’s World is there. Yep, you just HAVE to go there! There’s also Hamley’s, the toy shop, where you can buy Jelly Bean’s with Harry Potter tastes, like puke. Besides that, all of the bigger (and sometimes more expensive) brands have a shop there too, so if there’s a shop you really want to go to, there’s a big chance you can find it at or around Regent Street.
We didn’t have time to have dinner in London, but if you have, you HAVE to go to Tiger Tiger, close to Piccadilly Circus. It’s a bar with a restaurant next to it and it’s AWESOME! I’ve been there the first two times I went to London and how I wished I could’ve had dinner there this time! You can have the best cocktails in their bar first, and when it’s time to have dinner, you just go to the restaurant. The food there is super good too, and the place is super cosy. The perfect place to relax after a busy day visiting London.

Of course there are so many more things to see in London, but if it’s the first time you’re going and you only have one day, I think these are the things you definitely have to see.If you would have more time, you could always take a free tour through London. I really recommend those from The guides are really fun (obviously: the tour is supposedly free, but the more fun they are, the more likely your are going to give some money at the end of the tour) and bring you to all the best places in London. The stories behind the monuments are one of the reasons I recommend this tour. You get to hear stories you don’t find in the average history books about London. 

We had a super fun trip to London and I really wished we could have stayed longer. I always love coming back to it and seriously can’t wait to go there another time

Do you have any more tips about London? 😀
xo Noor

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