Week 2 of my daily FWIS’. Last week was pretty busy, since we had to enjoy the good weather! This Summer the weather has been SO good in Belgium! Really loving it! 😀 Let’s have a look at my clothes in such good weather!

Clothes & Dreams: Daily #FWIS - week 2

On Monday I was wearing a super colorful Zara top, a Pull&Bear jeans (which I bought twice because it fits perfectly!) and my H&M ballerina flats. 😀 See a full OOTD with this top here.

Clothes & Dreams: Daily #FWIS - week 2

The first part of the week the weather was best. On Tuesday I wore my Club L navy dress, which is a recent favourite, as you can see in this blog post. On Wednesday I wore one of my three lace dresses that I haven’t thrown away. Reminds me of a great day, as you can read in a blog post. Thursday was a more plain day, with just a simple grey H&M top and my Pull&Bear jeans. 
All of these outfits were paired with my H&M ballerina flats. I’ve finally found the perfect ballerina flats, so when I saw they were restocked, I had to buy another pair. Better be prepared for next Summer, right? 😀

Clothes & Dreams: Daily #FWIS - week 2

On Friday evening I wore another of my three lace dresses for a super fun date night with the boyf. These Jhay heels are just so perfect, BTW! 😀 On Saturday I wore my colourful top an Pull&Bear jeans again, and I paired it with my baby blue Converse sneakers. Later on the evening I changed them for my Jhay heels, current shoe addiction, next to my (tad bit more comfortable) ballerina flats. 😀 I ended the week with a H&M top, a H&M jeans and my H&M ballerina’s. I love this top sooo much, but it gets wrinkled so easily so I barely wear it… :/ Still loving it tho! 😀

I think it’s such fun to see my outfits again. If you want to see them on a daily basis, do follow me on Instagram! (;

xo Noor

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