Last month the boyf and I spent an awesome weekend in Amsterdam. We walked all around parts of the city we hadn’t been yet, visited shops we had found online and saw a Cirque du Soleil show. Needless to say we had a wonderful time! Even though we had visited Amsterdam before (separately though), we saw so many new and fun things!


Here I am, completely alone with the I amsterdam statue! It was raining and hailing so everybody took shelter from the rain, but I saw the opportunity to be alone with the statue. 😀 Since there’s always so many people wanting to take a picture with the statue, and you’ll never get to take a picture without having someone else on it too, I think it’s pretty awesome I got one with only me on it! 😀
We arrived in Amsterdam on Saturday morning and decided to wander around the city a bit. No plan, not visiting a museum or something like that, just walking around. Once more I realised how pretty Amsterdam is!




Our hotel was situated next to the Vondelpark, so when we went to check-in in our hotel, we decided to walk through the park.What I love about it is that it is big, with different styles, and that it didn’t feel crowded or anything.




Our hotel was a Conscious Hotels. Conscious Hotels has two hotels at Amsterdam and they strive to be as eco-friendly and as green as possible. The interior of the hotel is also a big advantage! In the bar downstairs there’s a wall filled with moss, which is pretty cool! And on every door there’s a small quote about this room being the most fitting hotel room for you you’ll ever get. Besides that, once you enter the room, there’s a big image of a flower filling the wall behind the bed. Yep, I’m a fan! 😀



Conscious Hotels strive to be as green, sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. – See more at:
Saturday evening we went to the Foodhallen to grab dinner. The Foodhallen is an indoor food market, where you can eat everything from hamburgers to sushi to Vietnamese street food. Afterwards you can get a dessert at another stand or a Gin-Tonic or beer at yet another stands. It’s got something for everyone! 😀 When we went it was pretty crowded: we were lucky to find a table with two spots to eat at, in between two other groups of people. Even though the place would be more fun if it wouldn’t be jammed with all those people, we had a nice dinner in a great location. I would definitely recommend this place and will certainly go back next time I visit Amsterdam! 😀



On Saturday we went towards the Amsterdam Arena. Next to it, there was a big tent where a show of Cirque du Soleil took place! This show was actually the reason we went to Amsterdam, so it’s a good thing the show was absolutely amazing! :D We even got tickets for my parents for the show, because we knew they would love it as much as we did.



Even though we only stayed for two days, we’ve seen so much of the city to fall in love with it. The canals, the Vondelpark, the atmosphere… it’s what makes it such a lovely city! I will certainly go back one day! 😀

Have you ever visited Amsterdam? 😀

xo Noor

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