My latest blog post was on 17th of January. That’s four months ago… Since then a lot has changed: I  am now living together with the boyf in Ghent. i.e. a lot had to be done and prepared to move here. And even when we had moved, there was so much to do in the appt too. 

Since last weekend we are more or less completely installed (the second door of the boyf’s wardrobe is finally attached to the wardrobe, we now have a coffee machine, …) so we FINALLY have time to do something else than appartement related stuff. HELLO BLOGGING! 😀

Damn how I would love to announce this to his family... Since they love me so much. ;) Pretty funny they think I went somewhere in the first place! HA!:

There are two more posts on their way and I hope more will follow soon. Stay tuned! (;

Glad I’m back to blogging! 

xo Noor

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