Like probably every other girl I have way too many clothes I don’t wear, but when I’m standing in front of my wardrobe I never have anything to wear. I guess it’s time to clean out my wardrobe and buy only clothes I know I’ll wear a lot. That’s why I‘ve decided to do a wardrobe detox and to buy only sixteen (!!) pieces in 2016. Yikes!

How will this whole wardrobe detox plan go? First I’ve take a look at all my clothes. The pieces I didn‘t like, I’ve donated. I ended up giving away ten tops, three pairs of jeans, and two cardigans. I still have quite some things I never wear, but it’s a start. Anyway, now I have a clearer view of what’s inside my wardrobe and I know what I no longer have to buy
Next part of my wardrobe organisation plan is to only buy 16 pieces in 2016, based on Style-Around’s blog post. Because of my wardrobe detox I know what pieces I really need and what not. Today I went to the sales with two friends, so keeping my wardrobe detox in mind, I didn’t buy that much. Stay tuned to see what I’ve bought! (;
Would you ever buy only a limited number of clothing in one year?
xo Noor

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