Yesterday I went to the Balmain x H&M presale party in Brussels. Both the event and the collection were wonderful! Today I’ll show you the event and my favourite pieces of the collection.
 Clothes & Dreams: Balmain x H&M: event 

 Clothes & Dreams: Balmain x H&M: event
 Clothes & Dreams: Balmain x H&M: event
 Clothes & Dreams: Balmain x H&M: event
Once the shopping was done, we could enjoy some food and drinks while listening and dancing to music. 

— H&M België (@hmbelgie) November 3, 2015


Now about the collection. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the pieces in real life. Somehow they couldn’t convince me when I saw them online, but IRL they could. This is what I bought:
Clothes & Dreams: Balmain x H&M: tshirt I bought
 Clothes & Dreams: Balmain x H&M: pouch I bought

I noticed that everything with sleeves ran small (especially the sleeves actually), except the tees, which ran quite big. Sizing up would not be a bad idea according to me. (:
Everything I bought came in this fancy bag:

 Clothes & Dreams: Balmain x H&M: bag


I didn’t buy that much. Since I’m still looking for work and I thus don’t earn any money I didn’t want to spend much neither. If I would have been earning money, this is what I would have bought:
 Clothes & Dreams: Balmain x H&M: wishlist

So much prettyness! 😀 Are you planning on buying anything tomorrow? 😀

xo Noor

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