Yes, another instadiary! 😀 I’ve not been posting as much as before because I was writing my Master’s thesis and afterwards took a break from everything. BUT I did post some pictures @clothesndreams! 😀 Let’s have a look!

One of the pics from my Swing by blog post – Inspirational quote – 
SUSHI ♥ – Nail art with one of my new nail polishes.


Another pic from my Swing by blog post – An Instagram only outfit – 
Saturdays vs Sundays  – Wearing my favourite bag ♥
Another pic from my Swing by blog post, yes :p – The tutorial for my nail art – 
Sundays ♥ – My favourite Kiko nail polish!


Wearing my turtleneck top backwards 😀 – An inspirational quote – 
Gorgeous pink sky – Detail of my Instagram only outfit
White Summer nails – Buying wearable souvenirs sometimes means choosing between 
the Grand Canyon and Croatia – Striped tops = ♥ – My new Primark purse


Life motto – Throwback to my holidays in Croatia two years ago – 
Freshly picked plums – Visiting the new Primark in Ghent. 

If you want to see more of my Instagram pictures, do follow me @clothesndreams! 😀

xo Noor

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